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Piercing in the Pandemic. Getting Over It.

Updated: Apr 11

Piercing in a Pandemic and The Way It Changed Our Business Practices.

At one point, I was questioning why people were even demanding our services. It was the last thing on my mind. I was in lock down survival mode. Running the streets for exercise at 4 in the morning and getting mad when I'd run into other people who were probably thinking the same I suppose. We all wanted our own air to breathe. I am an original microbe-phobic.

I wasn't even sure if people were going to keep have babies.

We had a mandatory closure for seven months. We didn’t serve one guest for seven months. Suddenly, Piercing became emotionally essential for everyone and the demand was almost bigger than the 90's movement. Our phone rang day and night with enticing bribes and guests willing to hang their ear out the window of their cars for services. As a good law abiding citizen during the pandemic lock down, I pierced no one.

I have to admit I still hear stories that sometimes burn me up. Upon reopening for services, We have heard of many stories from new guests telling us how they settled for having their Ears Pierced out of desperation in peoples living rooms and even on the front porch from individuals that once offered ear piercing at some type of store or accessory store but were closed because of lock down. Workers that new how, were simply doing it unsafely on the down low. I tell you I do not consider these fulfillers of a quick ear piercing as professionals but more of the punch and go, squirt and turn type of Ear Piercing, who tend to do more damage than good and get paid for it.

Currently at this time, we are still assisting new guests we meet with Ear Piercings,

Re-opening and Aftercare related issues because for many of these people unknowingly received unprofessional illegal Ears Piercing during the pandemic.  It’s still a shame to see the scores of ear piercings that come in for consultation with aftercare issues or re-openings as a result from pandemic Ear Piercing Frenzy. 

Piercing in a Pandemic and the way it Changed our Business Practices:

We have Adopted many Pandemic Practices that still remain in effect today for safer Ear Piercing Services. While some of our practices may seem unusual, difficult or even tricky for some guests seeking our expert Ear Piercing Services, we have come to love our even more stringent no touch, no contact rule in the studio and we feel it keeps an even safer working procedure working environment for everyone.

I wear a work shield.

Masks are still worn by the Ear Piercing Professionals@

Many guests still wear masks as a courtesy. Thank you mask wearers.

We monitor current outbreak illness that are in the bay area.

For instance, currently Pink eye and Whooping Cough are on the rise,

so please don't touch our door or lean on anything.

This is business as usual. We will never really be, getting over it.

When our guest arrive, we ask that they still sanitize their hands at the front door for entry, followed with the requests to avoid touching surfaces, leaning on the walls, workstations or partitions. Additionally, we ask that guests do not pick up any items in the studio, procedure area, or off the floor. Common use surfaces are renewed after each guest such as chairs, waiting chairs, procedure trays, document and check out station ect...

Baby Ear Piercing, San Jose, CA.
We are Ready to Seriously Protect You During Your Ear Piercing Services at Baby Ear Piercing, San Jose, CA.

The number of Guests in attendance in the studio during services is permanently

limited and it isn't always well received but in order to control and protect the overall quality of service procedures that we deliver in our Private, Licensed Ear Piercing Facility with Friendly, Experienced, Trained, Highly Skilled Expert Licensed Ear Piercing Professionals Providing Services for Guests of All Ages, Infants 2 Months +, Babies, Kids & Adults Too!

All Earrings for Ear Piercing Procedures are Non-Contaminated, Sterile Processed, Single-Use & Individually Packaged. All Items for Each & Every Ear Piercing Procedure are New, Disposable & Non-Reusable. To Offer the Ultimate Ear Piercing Services & Aftercare Available, Appointments are Always Required. Our Safety Policies are crystal clear and we want you to read and agree to them before you schedule your appointment for Ear Piercing Services at Baby Ear Piercing .com

Experience Why Guests Trust & Continue to Choose Baby Ear Piercing Since 1987.


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