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                                                                                             Striving to Serve Every Guest with Excellence since 1987



for Everyone of All Ages


Luxury Nose Piercing Services has Launched at Our Host Facility Here at Baby Ear Piercing.


Click Here For Info.


Be Sure to Read & Agree to the Studio Safety Policy

Luxury​ Nose Pi​ercing

Exclusively by Appointment Only

Hosted by Baby Ear Piercing at 980 S. Winchester Blvd. Unit #30, San Jose, CA. 95128

An Official Santa Clara County DEH Registered Body Art Facility.

Serving the South Bay Area Since 1987

A private, quaint, musically & moderately paced, creative studio setting offering

World Class Personalized, Private Services for Guests of Various Ages by Appointment Only.

Reserve Your Appointment

                                                                         Luxury Nose Piercing Services are available by invite or referral

                                                                   from guests in which we have provided services for in the past.

                                                                                          As a Service provider for Luxury Nose Piecing                                                                                                                                                                     It is a compliment that our guests specifically know exactly why they are making

                                                                                                  this trusted decision & choice to support this business.

     Experience Visual Splendor Beyond Basic.

Luxury Nose Piercing

  Our name says it all.

Where Classic Traditional Nose Piercing

Meets Current Modernization for Optimum Safety.

Schedule an Appointment

We Have Searched the World

to Acquire a Very Special& Unique Collection

of Elegant Quality Nose Jewelry.

Made of the richest, purest and most superior metals found in and on our beautiful planet Earth.

Real 24kt. 18kt. California Gold, Platinum and Titanium

Micro Dots, Diamonds, Bold & Beautiful Fitted Hoop Styles.

The Lowest Profile Micro Settings.

                  Go With the Flow

Luxury Nose Piercing Placement:

The overall flow and harmony between the Face and the Nose Piercing

is aesthetically placed and positioned to enhance every persons,

contour and structure of their own Nose.

The Nose Jewelry placement that may be right for one person,

most definitely isn't the same placement for everyone.

Go with the natural flow and shape of your own nose.

Your own Nose knows the very best jewelry placement that is just right for you.

Your trust and our expertise can make

your Nose Piercing Placement uniquely all your very own.

No golden rule has ever existed stating that all Nose Piercings must be placed in the crease of a nostril.

This internet myth from a particular time period time left many people with immensely high positions

that lacked flow with their natural features, visually unappealing, awkward and uncomfortable piercing placement.

                                           Exclusivity Disclosure

                                                  As a gentle reminder,

Luxury Nose Piercing Services, Installations and Assistance are Exclusively Offered

Only with our very own distinctly unique Fitted Nose Jewelry.

Assistance and Services, Installations, Most Removals or Consultations Pertaining

to Other Nose Jewelry Brands & Styles Are Usually Not Available.