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Re-Open an Ear Piercing. Re-Open a Cartilage Piercing.

Were Your Ears Previously Pierced, But Now Seemed Closed?

Did you have your Ears Pierced from a kiosk

or similar type of accessory store that offers Ear Piercing in unsanitary or questionable conditions?

Did the earring loss occur soon after the an initial Ear Piercing Service and you never put it back in?

Did you try to change your Earrings too soon only to find that you could not reinsert the Earrings?

Did you take out your Earrings for work or for some other type of event and never put the Earrings back in?

Did you have trouble wearing Earrings?

Your Ear Piercings can be Saved.

Re-Open an Ear Piering at Baby Ear Piercing, 95128 Reopen an Ear Piercing . Reopening an Ear Piercing for Kids.

During Your Service Visit we will collect as much of your Ear Piercing history details that you can recall. After investigating your Ear Piercing details and history,

We will then share with you what may be the best solutions towards wearing earrings again.

You Can Wear Your Earrings Again.

Even If you haven’t worn Earrings in your Ears for Years,

Like even 50 years.

Chances are, Your Ear Piercings can be Safely Reopened.

Success rate Is currently about 98% Positive.

Schedule for Your Reopening Service.

We have extensive experience in solving mysteries related to Earring, Metals, Aftercare, Sensitivities and Problematic Piercings Issues.

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