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Online Reservation Trouble Shooting

To make an appointment, Click the Reservation Link Button.

Use this self-service, SECURE, Online Reservation System by Square that is available 24 hours a day.

Conveniently see all the appointment time frames available to you

and then enter your information to reserve your service space in just a few easy clicks.

Don't Be Afraid to Use the Secure System:

This is how ALL of our guests register and schedule ALL appointments.

For First Time Ear Piercing Appointment Reservations, Choose the first option on the service guide.

Other services and purchase options are also available.

Just select the best service option for your needs and I can adjust the time or service if necessary.

Reservation Difficulties: When an appointment scheduled online is successfully registered and reserved,

an immediate confirmation text or email will be received.

The system may fail to register your appointment if there is a delay in completion

such as if you navigated away from the page

or if two people are simultaneously attempting to reserve the exact same time frame.

Regardless of information entered, wait, refresh the browser and please try again.

Depending on availability, Same Day appointments will only register with a prior 1/2 to 2 hour notification.

If you see an appointment available it will not register and book with less than a 2 hour notification.

No confirmation email or text? = No appointment.

The system did NOT successfully accept nor store the reservation or information

regardless of any personal or card information entered,

Refresh your browser and please try again. Thank you.

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