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Lost an Earring? Lost an Earring Backing?

Replacement Earrings. Replacement Backings for Earring.

 Earrings should not be changed during the initial healing period,

unless an issue regarding the progress of the piercing is present or

damages that may have occurred with a trauma issue have occurred.

For Ear Lobes, you must wear the original jewelry for 6-9+ weeks.

For most other Ear Piercings or Cartilage wait 6-9+ months

before changing your jewelry style for fun or fashion.



Your piercing will not be completely healed for several years.

Even after the piercing is healed,

it is very possible that if you remove the Earring,

especially over night or even for a short period of time,

Changing along with reinsertion (Installing an Earring)

can be very difficult and sometimes even impossible.

Yellow Gold Earring Backings. Replacement Backing for Earrings. Erring Replacement Backing at BAby Ear Piercing, 95128
Titanium Earring Backings Baby Ear Piercing, San Jose, 95128
Ear Piercing at Kids Ear Pier at Kids Ear Piercing, San Jose 95128,Replacement Backing for Earrings.
 Gold Replacement Backing for Earrings. Replacement Earrings at Baby ear Piercing, 95128

Being prepared can include storing additional clean Earrings

and or Backings in a small sealed packet ready for use at any time.

Replacement Backing for Earrings. 316L Stainless Steel Earring Backing  Backing Replacement for Earring at Baby Ear Piercing, SanJose, CAt
Various Earring Pairs and Singles are avaiable  when earring loss occurs.

If an Earring or Earring Backing has been lost and you do not have an extra:

Earrings and Earring Backings are available on site at the studio

with prepay through PayPal for curbside pick up and during off hours through the mail.

Text Anytime for Details.


Replacement Earring Backings

Use this simple technique to test the friction post and backing components for security.

If the backing easily disengages during the test, replace the backing.

If the backing has suffered a trauma it can become mis-shaped compromising the backing security function.

If the post is very old and has been taken on and off many times

then the notch inscribed on the post can become shallow which could contribute to an earrings security function,

though the first suspect would be the actual backing component integrity.

How a Post Earring Functions

Earring Durability: The Earrings and Backing Components used at Baby Ear Piercing

are found to be secure and usually does not disengage on its own.

Physical actions and elements affecting the Earrings and or backing components 

such as unexpected force, element, chemical,

cosmetic exposure and gradual physical wear can have possible effects on the durability,

performance, aesthetic appeal and longevity of any Earring.

Check Earrings regularly for security and always replace the backing components

after any unexpected removal occurs or as often as needed,

especially when Earrings and or Backings exhibits signs of wear, weakness, or misshape.

As a result, Diamonds and Gemstones that may have become loose

in a setting should be taken for repair by a professional jeweler.

The Ear Piercing Jewelry used for services is found to be very durable, though it is not indestructible.

No one ever wants to lose their Earrings and or Backings, but sometimes an unexpected loss can occur.

The best way to prevent an Ear piercing from closing,

which could seem immediate for an individual that recently just had their ears pierced, is to be prepared.

This can be especially helpful with younger children.

A clean small piece of nylon line may also be inserted if additional jewelry pieces are not available.

Loss of Earrings and or Backings can be typically more of an issue for a new piercing.

Specifically, a piercing that is not well healed (any piercing under one year old)

rather than a well-healed piercing,

which in most cases Earrings and or Backings loss would not be much of an issue at all,

unless the piercing is problematic or suffered a trauma.

Replacement Earrings. Replacement Backing for Earrings at Baby Ear Piercing 95128 , Bay Area Ear Piercing for kids.

Loss of an Earring / My Earring Came Out/ I Can Not Get My Earring Back In

I Lost It!!! What To Do If Earring and or Backing Loss Occurs.

Wash it, inspect it for damages and immediately re-install or replace it.

If an Earring and or Backing that has come out of a piercing can be located,

wash it, inspect for damages and immediately re install or replace the Earring and or Backing.

If your Earring Gets Removed by accident, wash it and inspect for damages,

then Replace or Reinstall the Earring as soon as possible.

Make Sure all of the Components are functioning properly.

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