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Earring Removal Services

Various Piercing Jewelry Removal

Stuck Earring. Ear Piercing and  Select Body Jewelry Removal Services

If you’re unable to remove your Earring yourself, DEH Licensed Safe Body Art Practitioners Ayuub or Angel,

 may be able to assist you with your Earring or Select style of jewelry removal for various kinds of piercings.

You must arrive wearing a mask during your removal procedure.

Certain piercing jewelry removal services may be unavailable.

The reason for jewelry removal services can be endless.

Whether it’s a problematic piercing that is painful & causing unbearable discomfort,

stuck, old & deteriorated, aesthetically unappealing, prohibited at work or for sports

or even the need to temporarily remove in order to hide it from your super culturally traditional parents.

Removal services are available by special prior coordinated arrangements only.

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