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Ear Piercing Techniques.

Earrings and Metals Selections.

All Earrings for Ear Piercing Procedures are Non-Contaminated, Sterile Processed, Single-Use & Individually Packaged.

All Items for Each & Every Ear Piercing Procedure are New, Disposable & Non-Reusable.

Experience Why Guests Trust & Continue to Choose Baby Ear Piercing Since 1987

Single Use Sterile Packaging for Aseptic Ear Piercing Services

The Ear Piercing Technique used for Baby Ear Piercing Services may be one of

The installation of the earring, Ear piercing method depends on many factors such as:

The guest who is the recipient of the Ear Piercing Service, the type of Ear Piercing Service requested,

the Ear or Cartilage piercing placement and the type of Earring shape and style selected.

Earrings are manually inserted using New, Single Use, Sterile Piercing Jewelry by hand, holder, or needle.

As Pioneers of Piercing with Decades of Experience,

We have carefully developed our very own styles for Ear Piercing Techniques

for the type of guest services that we offer.

A Manual Hand Pressure Clasp Method with Sterile Piercing Earring is backed up behind the Ear and supported,

then the Aseptic Ear Piercing Jewelry is swiftly inserted in seconds.

In order to maintain control over the ability to achieve an aesthetically placed Earring on Each Ear,

this service is always performed individually.

This  means One Ear at a time and never ever at the same time.

It is Quick and Efficient.

This procedure takes a few seconds with minimal, little or no discomfort at all.

This Aseptic piercing procedure at Baby Ear Piercing is


Piercing Supplies and Earrings are always New, Single-Use,

Lot Numbered, Documented and Professionally Sterilized.

In Accordance to Safe Body Art Regulations and for The Health and Safety of Your Child,

Baby Ear is not permitted to use personal Earrings for initial Ear Piercing Services.

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