Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991 at
Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991 at
Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991 at , San Jose , Ca. , San Jose , Ca.

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How to Care for Your Ear Piercings

Sea Salt & Aftercare Solution Application

How to Make a Sea Salt Solution & Application

Swimming with a New Ear Piercing

Recap of In-Studio Aftercare Sea Salt & Foaming Solution, 2x Daily

In Studio Aftercare Consultation

How to Make & Apply EmergenSEA Solution

Piercing Balm for Aggravated Ear Piercings

Numbing Creams/ Discussion, Opinions

Functions of Ear Piercing Jewelry & Backing

Dry Skin around Ear Piercing Site

See Revised Versions Above/ Easy Ear Piercing Aftercare for All Ages

Angel's Angels

Tragus Piercing and Micro Sized Jewelry by

Ear and Cartilage Re-Installation.

Classic Conch Piercing

Rook Piercing

Real Medical Grade Titanium Jewelry

Earlobe Reconstruction after Gauges

Paisley Haus Local & Statewide News

Nose Jewelry Removal & Installation

The following techniques shown Below are archives/past procedures.
Please see the latest revised versions above.