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Jewelry Change/Sports

Jewelry Installation, Enlargement or Removal Services


Sometimes our Guests tend to feel a little uneasy about changing their Earrings for the very first time

or can even find that they are experiencing trouble with a Jewelry Change.

You can have peace of mind by knowing that Ayubb or Angel at

can personally assist you with that first change and even others after that,

by removing and installing your selected New Earrings.

With our self service appointment reservation system you can

pre schedule an additional follow up service/visit around the time that it should

be safe to change the style of your Earrings for Removal and or Installation Services.

This fee based service/visit will include:

Cleansing the piercing site proper preparation of new earring to be inserted.

*Earrings may be provided by you or purchased In-Studio.

Screening to monitor the healing progression

*Removal of the Earrings with no tools

(Additional Fee's are applied when the use of tools for removal and or installation are required)

New Jewelry Installation.

Additional care tips, suggestions, or products for purchase.

Don't forget to follow the suggested initial healing times before changing your Earrings.

If you are interested in this additional follow up service/visit,

Click on the Schedule a Change button.

Sports and the New Ear Piercing

There are many amateur and professional sports that allow athletes to wear jewelry during a 

session. If it’s Soccer, you can practically forget an Ear Piercing Service til the seasons ends.

Most sports officials won’t even let you tape over a piercing.

If this thought didn’t occur to you before your service, or you joined the team anyhow.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Cover the front piece of your earring precisely with skin colored cloth bandage material.

Cut out a round piece of the bandage cloth and cover.

Remove and replace as needed.

2. The most efficient and trouble free jewelry disguise for most any piercing is nylon line.

It looks almost invisible and may appear as a small blemish. It can be worn for the season.

It can even be painted to look like real jewelry.

This is the safest way to retain your new unhealed piercing during the sports season or other event.

Schedule your appointment for a Retainer Installation or pick up a Retainer Pack on your way out.

Protect your Piercing during a sport event and be cautious when putting on and

taking off protective equipment especially with a helmet or the helmet strap.

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