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Additional care tips, suggestions, or products for purchase.

Don't forget to follow the suggested initial healing times before changing your Earrings.

If you are interested in this additional follow up service/visit,

Click Here to Schedule an Earring Change.



Changing your Earring for the first time.

Your piercing will not be completely healed for several years.

For Ear Lobes, you must wear the original Earrings for 6-9 weeks.

For most other Ear & Cartilage Piercings,

Wait 6-9 months before changing your Earring style for fun or fashion.

Though sometimes with Cartilage Piercings,

an Earring may be sized sown in a sooner time frame

to accommodate the various stages of healing and reduction of swelling.

Even after the piercing is healed,

it is very possible that if you remove the Earring or if left out over night 

or even for a short period of time, reinsertion can be very difficult and sometimes even impossible, 

especially when unexpected trauma or an incident of disconnection has occurred.

Earrings should not be changed during the initial healing period,

unless an issue regarding the integrity of the piercing is present.

If you ever must temporarily remove or you lose your Earring or Backing Component during

the initial healing period or even after,

immediately install a retainer in the piercing to hold it open.

Nylon line is an excellent choice as a retainer, especially when Earring and or Backing loss occurs.

View the demo video on Baby Ear Piercing on the many different types of retainers or disguises.

Changing an Earring for the first time can be difficult for some.

Ears may be tender or sensitive especially with prolonged healing.

Continue to clean and monitor Ears especially If bleeding occurs.

This may be a sign of improper aftercare with prolonged healing

and the idea of changing the Earring with these types of indications

may signal that its best to wait to change your Earrings.

Make sure to use a similar gauge or thickness of Earring.

Seek Consultation from your Ear Piercing Professional here at Baby Ear Piercing.


For Standard Ear Piercing Stud Removal:

Simply grasp well behind the front and under the backing component.

Proceed to pull apart firmly and evenly without tugging on the Ear.

For hoop style removal,

Please consult your DEH Licensed Body Art Practitioner for assistance or check out our Youtube Channel.


Immediately clean, check that no issues are present on the Ear

and replace the Earrings immediately to avoid shrinking or the Ears being uncooperative

especially when the intention is to continue wearing Earrings.

Flower Earring . Changing an earring. Removing an earring at Baby Ear Piercing san jose 95128


Sometimes our Guests tend to feel a little uneasy about changing their Earrings for the very first time

or can even find that they are experiencing trouble with a Jewelry Change.

You can have peace of mind by knowing that Ayubb or Angel at Baby Ear Piercing

can personally assist you with that first change and even others after that,

by removing and installing your selected New Earrings.

With our self service appointment reservation system you can

pre schedule an additional follow up service/visit around the time that it should

be safe to change the style of your Earrings for Removal and or Installation Services.


This fee based service/visit will include:

Cleansing the piercing site proper preparation of new earring to be inserted.

*Earrings may be provided by you or purchased In-Studio.

Screening to monitor the healing progression

*Removal of the Earrings with no tools

(Additional Fee's are applied when the use of tools for removal and or installation are required)

New Jewelry Installation.

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