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Re-Positioning a New Piercing

You must call within 48 hours,

If you would like to change the positioning of your new piercing.

Occasionally the planned placement of a piercing may not look aesthetically pleasing to either you,

your practitioner, or by a mutual decision.

Allowing your Registered Safe Body Art Practitioner to immediately

adjust the placement can usually be the solution to this situation.

Re-positioning a piercing is usually quick and most likely will not leave any evidence

that a re-positioning has taken place. While there are techniques that can be used to obtain the desired final piercing placement positioning during a piercing service,

other additional actions can be included in your aftercare to achieve/maintain that positioning.

The Immediate or future outcome of the pierced position placement/ending result

may differ than expected.

Please acknowledge that due to certain body, ear,

the front & back of ear shapes, previous piercing placements,

Anatomy structure and even with a lifestyle it can sometimes be difficult or even impossible to position

a piercing in such a manner that it remains in the same position through time,

in that exact location desired. 

Angel, a DEH Registered Body Art Practitioner,

strives to make clear, conscious piercing placement positioning decisions

along with your input and approval.

My Goal is to obtain the immediate desired Placement /positioning of your piercing.