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Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991 at
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The best way to prepare yourself and your child for

an Ear Piercing Service is to make them feel as calm and comfortable as possible.

Upon arrival to The Studio,

 All Guests should be Ready for Services.

A Baby that is well-rested, bathed, pre-fed, and pre-changed

before arrival seems the happiest during their appointment. 

Special snack treats and entertaining toys are also helpful before and after service appointment visits.

If you are set in complete modesty, Be sure to bring a nursing blanket if you

choose to conclude your babies service with a short comfort feeding in the reception area.

Older children may experience some anxiety and may ask many questions

in regards to how an Ear Piercing may feel.

It is best to NOT compare a piercing to a vaccination appointment.

An Ear Piercing is best described as a quick and warm feeling sensation

with minimal or no discomfort at all. 



Be sure to make your Online Service Appointment Reservation in advance.

 All services and purchases for are made by

the Online Appointment Reservation System Only

Appointments arriving MORE than 10 minutes late will be billed the same as a non-sufficient notice

with less than a 24 Hours Time Delinquent Reservation Cancellation and asked to reschedule for

another day through the Online Appointment Reservation system.

It is not necessary to arrive more than 5 min. early for your scheduled appointment,

doing so causes a distraction for the other guests who's service may be in progress.

Additionally, this can interfere with environment control as occasionally

between Guests, we may feel a need that the studio space may require extra special attention.

Please do not schedule an appointment if you or your child has suffered an illness

within the last two days or shows any signs of a rash or gooey, goupy eyes.



A 24-hour cancellation notice is required and fully appreciated

  If you find it impossible to keep your scheduled appointment,

Please Do not hesitate to use the Self Service Online Reservation System

to give a cancellation notice 24 hours in advance.

If you miss your appointment or and do not notify Paisley Haus/

with a 24 hours in advance cancellation notice,

The online Reserved Service Appointment Fee will be forfeited by you

as a Late Notice Cancellation Fee and will be collected through

Secure Square Inc Online Reservation Systems.

 This Fee Collection will also be required additionally, for Scheduling or Rescheduling,

a new Service Appointment Reservation Agreement.

Rescheduling your appointment for an earlier or later time on the same day is a fee based online scheduling option.

Please Reschedule an appointment if you or your child has suffered

an illness within the last two days or has running, gooey, goopy eyes with visual signs of discharge.

Please arrive to your appointment On Time.

Appointments arriving MORE than 10 minutes late will be billed the same as a non-sufficient notice

with less than a 24 Hours Time Delinquent Reservation Cancellation and asked to reschedule for

another day through the Online Appointment Reservation system.

It is Not necessary to arrive earlier then 5 minutes for your appointment.

Doing so causes a distraction for the other guests who's services may be in progress.

For Safety, We may feel the need to refresh the studio environment in between guests.

Additionally, I may be unavailable to greet your smiling faces at the door.

Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely.

The online appointment service reservation amount or percentage noted 
is an agreement for the Appointment Space Reservation Only,

and is not the Total Amount that will be collected for sales or services rendered. 
  If you give a 24 hour scheduled appointment cancellation notice prior to,

or arrive to your scheduled appointment on time, you pay NO Reservation Fee Percentage.

See Additional Cancellation Policy for Complete Details and other details for in-studio appointment refusals.




The Confidential Guest List requesting our services include some pretty impressive Professional, Celebrity & Sports Names requesting our Special Baby Ear Piercing Services.

Our Elite Package offers complete accommodations for In-House or Private On-Location Services are available.

Need Security, Driver, and Flight Arrangements into the Beautiful California Bay Area? Can arrange it. 

Confidential, Private, Non-Publicized Services are available. 

Some of ours Guests are Booked for Ear Piercing Services before they are even born. 



During weekdays only,

A fee based Consultation Session is available for you to

Meet “Angel” a DEH Registered Safe Body Art Practitioner.

This ten minute discussion session is ideal for:

Super Timid individuals meet and greet session

Previous placements of a piercing /moving a piercing

Trouble Shoot/Referral to Dermatologist

Provide an action of solution to a piercing problem

General piercing and aftercare questions

hypo allergenic jewelry selection

Summation of an Appointment at

  Schedule your appointment online.
 Leave a message or text if you require additional sales or service appointment details.
Most calls are returned promptly.
Finding the location. Looks like a farm house. Look for 950 S. Winchester and Fruitdale.
Park in the big driveway provided for you on the Fruitdale side, not on the street. Go up to door.
ANGEL, a DEH Registered Safe Body Art Practitioner
 is awaiting your arrival and will usually greet you at the door.
Next, you will view and select from over 80 styles of FDA Compliant Jewelry.
You will then be directed to fill out the release and waiver.
Before, During and After the Service procedure
many Hand Washings and Service Area Wipe Downs will take place.
Your Service tray will be constructed.
ANGEL, will provide an in depth consultation between
the individual and or the parents of the minor to be serviced.  
Next the individual to be serviced will be seated.
The area to be pierced will be Prepped/Marked. Approved.
Announcement of the Sterile Packaging which is being broken and the Piercing will take place.
Confirmation and the Understanding of the Piercing Aftercare is made clear.
Any uncertainties and unanswered questions
should be brought up Face to Face at this moment.

Check out as a satisfied guest.
This is The Baby Ear Haus Service Difference.
A Full New Piercing Service Package Includes:
 A Consultation and Tour Selection of Documented, Lot Numbered, Sterile Jewelry,
 Single Use Items, Aseptic Service Procedure,

Aftercare Instruction Sheet, Complimentary Aftercare Pack.
Alert ANGEL if you have Latex or Iodine Allergies.

Never Handle, Touch, or Change

Any Piercing in the Paisley Haus Facility. 

Violators can be expected to be Educated and Decontaminated on the spot.

During your studio visit

please refrain from unnecessary handling of items in the studio.

Please store your clean, previously worn jewelry in a closed container for transport.

When you Arrive, alert desk personnel that you have previously worn jewelry in your possession.

Please do not set the container or any jewelry on any counter. 

Did you know Hepatitis C can live on a surface for up to 7 Days? 

Your previously worn jewelry will need to be processed appropriately to Safety Guideline Standards.

Thank you for your cooperation. Your Safety is my Concern. Inside the studio and Out.


Spectators/Siblings and Work Space

Baby Ear understands that your Child’s Ear Piercing is a very special occasion and our guests are often accompanied by siblings, relatives, extended family and friends. In order to provide a safe environment during your visit. Children that are not obtaining services are not permitted in service areas and must remain seated at all times during their visit.

 If your child can not meet these requirements,

please make prior arrangements for child care during your visit.

Your cooperation is appreciated and your safety is our concern.  

Keep Clear of Work Space

Please refrain from leaning over your child during services. Leaning over your child can block the view, create shadows on the target service areas, and actually prolong the entire service procedure.

“Angel” a DEH Registered Body Art Practitioner is well aware of both child and parent

emotional comfort needs and strives for Service Perfection at all times.