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Appointment Info at Baby Ear Piercing

408 -246-1243 appointment information at Baby Ear Piercing


The best way to prepare yourself and your child for

an Ear Piercing Service is to make them feel as calm and comfortable as possible.

Services information and aftercare are delivered in the English language and writing.

It is important that guests are able to read,

understand and follow directions pertaining to services and the aftercare information delivered.

Be sure to read the Environmental Safety Controls Page on this site.

Upon arrival to The Studio, All Guests should be Ready for Services.

 On The day of Your Appointment, Be Sure to Look for Your Reminder Text.

Please the Follow the Instructions.

Safety Controls for Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose.

Before your arrival and entry into the studio:

Babies seem most comfortable that are well-rested, bathed, pre-fed and pre-changed.

Please make arrangements for other family members or children to safely be supervised outside of the studio.

Please have these suggestions completed BEFORE your arrival and entry into the studio

You must be hands free in order to assist your Infant, Baby or Toddler during services.

Please no phones, calls, recording, eating, feeding in the studio.

Pacifiers must be on a clip cord to prevent dropping on the floor.

If your baby has issues with emotional vomiting,

please only pre-feed accordingly, well in advance and be prepared for these issues before hand.

All body fluids including breast milk are a HAZARD in the studio environment.

Any spills, contamination or extensive facility cleanup

can cause a serious delay for your services and other guests

which could result in an additional $58.00 environmental contamination and control fee's.

Older children may experience some anxiety and may ask many questions

in regards to how an Ear Piercing may feel.

It is best to NOT compare a piercing to a vaccination and piercing is not really even similar anyhow.

An Ear Piercing is best described as a quick and warm feeling sensation with minimal or no discomfort at all.

Be sure to make your Online Service Appointment Reservation in advance.

All services and purchases for Baby Ear are made by

The Self Serve Online Appointment Reservation System Only.

Please do not schedule an appointment if you or your child has suffered any type of illness

within the last three months or shows any signs of a rash,

gooey eyes or ANY TYPE of Herpes Virus.

Long Distance Travelers From Outside of the Greater Bay Area.

Please, we urge you to plan your travel accordingly to Baby Ear Piercing for services.

Timing,Traffic, Weather, Fuel, Fussy Babies, Car Sick Kids, Food & Potty Breaks are all great reasons to be late but

There is a HUGE major possibility that we will NOT be able to accommodate

any guest arriving 5 minutes after their scheduled appointment for an additional appointment on the same day.

Refusal of an appointment for tardiness is an awkward & absolute BUMMER for EVERYONE.


We Do Not Accept Late Appointments.

Appointments arriving MORE than Five minutes late will not be accepted and

be billed the same as a non-sufficient notice with less than a 24 Hours Time Delinquent Reservation Cancellation

and will have the option to schedule for another day through the Online Appointment Reservation System.

The appointment schedule is a system that is followed during every appointment.

During this scheduled time frame, specific actions & duties need to be performed

according to mandatory environmental control protocols.

Being late has the potential to interfere with the mandatory environmental studio controls schedule,

which is why late appointments cannot be accepted.

If you are running late,

Thank you for calling or texting the studio to give a courtesy notification but

asking about being late maybe one possible situation but leaving a message telling us that you are going to be later than five minutes is another.

We are in full PPE and unable/ not available to receive your Text or Call.

The Late Arrival Notifications Cancellation Policy Fee's will remain in full effect.

Scheduling a new appointment for an earlier or later time on the same day as your late arrival

is a fee based online scheduling option that may or may not be available on that same day.

Guilting us for not accepting your late arrival is not pleasant and will not be tolerated.


A 24-hour cancellation notice is required.

If you find it impossible to keep your scheduled appointment,

Please Do not hesitate to use the Self Service Online Reservation System

to give a cancellation notice 24 hours in advance.

If you miss your appointment or and do not notify Baby Ear Piercing, Kid Ear Piercing, Infant Ear Piercing,

diamond Ear Piercing , Adult Ear Piercing and Luxury Nose

with a 24 hours in advance cancellation notice,

The online Reserved Service Appointment Fee will be forfeited by you

as a Late Notice Cancellation Fee and will be collected through Secure Square Inc Online Reservation Systems.

This Fee Collection will also be required additionally for Scheduling a new Service Appointment Reservation Agreement.

Please do not schedule an appointment if you or your child

has currently been exposed or showing signs of an illness or has running, gooey, goopy eyes with visual signs of discharge.


For Safety, the studio environment is sanitized & disinfected between guests.

Your Safety is my Concern.

The online appointment service reservation amount or percentage noted is an agreement for the Appointment Space Reservation Only,

and is not the Total Amount that will be collected for sales or services rendered.

If you give a 24 hour scheduled appointment cancellation notice prior to,

or arrive to your scheduled appointment on time, you pay NO Reservation Fee Percentage.


For complete details, please see the Cancellation Policy for: No Shows, In- Studio Appointment Refusals,

appointments made within the 24 hour of cancellation then cancelled & late appointment fee's on the Square Online Reservation System.

Indian Ear Piercing Jewelry, Large EarringPpost.

During your visit, please refrain and avoid any and

all unnecessary handling of items or surfaces in the studio.

Your cooperation is appreciated and your safety is my concern.

Keep Clear of Work Space

Please refrain from leaning over your child during services.

Leaning over your child can block the view,

create shadows on the target service areas,

and actually prolong the entire service procedure.

Ayubb and Angel. DEH Licensed Body Art Practitioners

are well aware of both child and parent

emotional comfort needs and strives for Service Perfection at all times.


A fee based Consultation Session is available through video on select days by appointment,

with Angel or Ayuub are DEH Licensed Safe Body Art Practitioners.

This ten minute discussion session is ideal for:

 Extended enhanced version of aftercare consultations,

Previous placements of a piercing /moving a piercing,

Trouble Shoot/Referral to Dermatologist

Provide an action of solution to a piercing problem

General piercing and aftercare questions.

This session is also ideal and sometimes even required

for Guests that have obtained outside services

and are seeking consultative advice.

Baby Ear piercing reminds you to avaiod touching your Piercings.

Never Handle, Touch, or Change

Any Piercing in the Baby Ear Piercing/ Luxury Nose Piercing Facility.

Violators can be expected to be Educated

and Decontaminated on the spot.


During your studio visit please refrain and avoid any

unnecessary handling of items or surfaces in the studio.

Please store your clean, previously worn jewelry in a closed container for transport.

When you Arrive, alert desk personnel that you have previously worn jewelry in your possession.

Please do not set the container or any jewelry on any counter.

Please do not schedule an appointment if you or your child has suffered an illness

within the last three months or shows any signs of a rash or gooey eyes

or ANY TYPE of Herpes Virus.


Did you know Hepatitis C can live on a surface for 7 Days and even more?

Your previously worn jewelry will need to be processed appropriately to Safety Guideline Standards.

Thank you for your cooperation. Your Safety is my Concern. Inside the studio and Out.

Professional Baby Ear Piercing with Real Doamond Earring for Babies and Kids.

 Baby Diamonds

Quality Features Include Comfortable,

Special Mid-Length Sized,

Smooth or Threaded Posts for Added Security.

Petite 0.03 (2mm) to 1/4 ctw (4mm)

Elegant Classic Rounds, Lowest Profile Prong or Bezel Set.

These Styles are Made Personally for That Special Baby.

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