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Ear Piercing Techniques at Baby Ear Piercing

Updated: 5 days ago

Ear Piercing Techniques selected to perform services

at Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, CA,

can be one of three safe quick and proficient methods,

which are by hand, holder or needle.

The Earrings selected usually deciphers

the Ear Piercing Technique for Ear piercing Services

as equally does the guest obtaining the service.

Unless a particular Ear Piercing Technique is specifically requested,

Your Ear Piercing Technique is usually not disclosed

but carefully and professionally chosen by many deciding safety factors. 

 Not all Ear Piercing Techniques Are Ideal For All Guests.

The same goes for,

Not all Piercers or Studios are a good match

for all potential Piercing Customers.

The Ear Piercing Professionals at Baby Ear Piercing are

skilled in classic and modern Piercing Techniques.

Services at Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, CA

are Aseptic and All Earrings for Ear Piercing Procedures

are Non-Contaminated,

Sterile Processed, Single-Use & Individually Packaged.

All Items for Each & Every Ear Piercing Procedure are New,

Disposable & Non-Reusable.

Ear Piercing Technique options may be discussed and per-requested well in advance,

preferably before scheduling a service appointment at Baby Ear Piercing.

Baby Ear Piercing is not permitted to use your own personal earrings or jewelry.

What about an Ear Piercing Gun?

 Generally, an Ear Piercing Gun is made to be a re-useable device.

An Ear Piercing gun is not a sterile or single-use device.

Ear Piercing Gun have Plastic parts

and can not be sterilized in an autoclave

and are only wiped off between uses.

An Ear Piercing Gun is not aseptic,

medically clean or new when re-used.

 An Ear Piercing Gun may include

attachable single-use sterile components

that may be added as part of

the re-usable Ear Piercing Gun Device

and then may be then detached after use.

 Sterile Earrings that are meant to be attached & loaded

 into a re-usable Ear Piercing Gun

may start off with a sterile inner packaging,

 but once the Earrings are opened and loaded

onto the re-usable Ear Piercing Gun device,

 all can immediately become contaminated

through what is called cross contamination.

Contamination and Cross Contamination can occur

when these detachable components or attachments

come into contact with the re-usable Ear Piercing Gun,

including the combination of touching

the non-sterile Ear Piercing Gun

the detachable components or attachments

and any contact with the Ear,

such as wiping the Ear with a cleaning prep pad

and actually touching the Ear during the Ear Piercing Procedure.

Can I Have Both Ear Pierced at The Same Time,


In order to find the best Ear Piercing position,

both Piercer and the guest receiving the ear piercing services must be aligned.  

Ear Piercing Techniques are tailored to meet the safety needs

for all guests obtaining services which is our first concern.

In order to find the best Ear Piercing position

both Piercer and the guest receiving the Ear Piercing Services must be aligned.

This alignment may also have to include the parent of their baby, toddler,

small or even large child who may be seated in their lap

for their assistance and comfort during Ear Piercing Services.

 For alignment, harmony, aesthetics, consistency, timing,

the reaction of our guest to the sensation of the Ear Piercing procedure itself

and the actions of our own very necessary control

when performing a piercing on our guests,

Ears are never, ever, Pierced simultaneously at the same time. 

Attempting to pierce both Ears at the same time as one provider is impossible,

and adding another one or two people into the small intricate work area/ subject matter

is too many people for proper alignment, flow and harmony.

It is impossible to find or maintain the proper aliment, harmony, control

and flow simultaneously between three or even four people during an Ear Piercing Service.

Are Numbing Creams Used?


If You Read About Ear Piercing on the Internet:

Often guests request Ear Piercing techniques that

may not be suitable, can be unnecessary or even un-safe

for a particular individual and or especially children of various ages.

There is a lot of Ear Piercing mis-information which is widespread on the Internet,

especially in the form a copy and paste online and

then also delivered through language and practice.

Many of these sources do not always stem from the proper research,

development and may not even have the statistics

through first-hand documented experiences.

Some mis-information has seeded from

Legendary Piercing Tales that still exist from decades ago.

These copy and paste mythical experiences from so-called

experienced or credible Piercer's, Piercers on panels,

Piercers apart of associations and even authors of Piercing books

have branched out and reseeded the tales and legends as part

of the education for the newer generation of Body Art Practitioners

as they are set up to carry on the legacy of mis-information.

As a Bay Area Piercing Pioneer,

We are all probably a little responsible

for such contributions in some shape, way or form.

As a research and development specialist in the subject

of Ear Piercing Techniques and Aftercare

for various corporate Ear Piercing and Body Jewelry manufacturers,

Baby Ear Piercing has assisted countless guests by providing reassurance

within our company by achieving proven successful results stemming from the opportunity of being able to participate in vital research and development programs

for Safe Ear Piercing Services, Re-Opening and Aftercare Procedures and Techniques by weeding through the myths, tales and legends.

Please feel free to share any questions, concerns,

experiences or challenges that you may have regarding

the various Ear Piercing Techniques

offered or that you may have received.

This is a very long and controversial subject and

I hope you find this small tidbit of information that has

compiled from years of personal experiences, helpful.

DEH Registered and Licensed Body Art Practitioner, Ear and Nose Piercing Professional.

OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer. Blood-borne Pathogens Safety and Compliance Specialist.

It is in my greatest hopes that Piercers will return to seeking out

or continue with Safe Disruptive Piercing Innovations.

Stop the spread of copy and paste, tales and stories that contribute to Piercing misinformation.


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