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Numbing Creams for Ear Piercings. Should You Use Them Before an Ear Piercing?

Updated: Apr 4

For Safety Numbing Creams are Not used at Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, CA
Numbing Creams for Ear Piercings. Should You Use Them Before an Ear Piercing?

One of the biggest questions our guests ask at Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, CA.

Should a numbing cream, gel or spray be used before an Ear Piercing?

Numbing Creams and Piercings- "Are Numbing Creams Safe and Effective for Ear Piercings?

Let’s graze this subject by hitting the surface. There are different types of numbing creams, gels, sprays or injectables that are available in different strengths. Numbing products can be purchased over-the-counter, prescribed, or administered by a licensed authorized medical professional. The effectiveness of any numbing products potency strength depends on the percentage of the numbing agent, including the technique in which it was applied and the time of the administering application in correlation to receiving the actual piercing service procedure.

The requests for the use of topical creams, gels and sprays are growing in popularity as they are being marketed for Ear Piercings as well as to entry level priercers that may

need a crutch to make up for the lack of experience when it comes to the speed,

agility and the precision required to perform swift conservative Ear Piercing services. Numbing products are also widely used in the cosmetic industry for permanent makeup

and laser treatments though these services don’t actually perforate completely through the skin in the same way as an Ear Piercing does.

For research and study purposes we have used these products for piercing procedures in trials and can attest to the different effectiveness of each. It’s no surprise that service guests are interested in using these products for their Ear Piercings and in theory, these products seem attractive. Just a simple cream, gel or spray product applied to the skin that numbs the area and makes it much easier to get an Ear Piercing.

But here's the issue. Topical numbing is not a good idea for Piercing,

especially Ear Piercing on Babies, Toddlers and Kids.

Here's why, It doesn’t actually “numb” you.

When we think of being numbed, most of us envision a medical procedure.

After a few stinging injections these drugs work so effectively that you actually don't feel anything. But these topical creams, gels and sprays don’t numb in that same way.

If you’ve tried these topical products for piercing before, you know they can take the edge off, but you still feel the piercing. Over-the-counter products will have very little affects on alleviating total feeling of an Ear Piercing procedure.

Topical creams, gels and sprays do not numb beyond the skin and you will still absolutely feel the Ear Piercing. That's because the cream, gels and sprays only partially numb the top layers of skin and doesn’t reach or effect the deeper layers.

Guests who use numbing products may go into an Ear Piercing procedure, expecting not to feel anything. They may jump, jolt or move in shock from the reaction of realizing they can actually feel the piercing. I can confirm, you will still feel the piercing and by you knowing this, you are less likely to move during your Ear Piercing Service without the use of these products.

Ear Piercing Professionals are not medical practitioners.

We are not doctors, dermatologists or nurses. We are piercers. Which means we don’t carry any training or licensing to use numbing products on you and we do not know how they can effect you. Many of these products can cause serious side effects if introduced to the bloodstream or cause serious reactive issues if introduced onto and into the skin during am Ear Piercing. Then we have the, “but what about tattoo artists using topical products!” These products have a low percentage of chemicals which are marketed and FDA approved to be used OTC for tattooing on adults. Products made for tattoo procedures don't really numb more then the top layer of skin.

  Numbing Creams, Gels and Sprays constrict tissue. While topical numbing creams don’t fully numb, they can constrict and change tissue texture and tension. Most of these products work with lidocaine and vasoconstrictors. These are chemicals which constrict blood vessels, which help contribute to the process of numbing. That constriction however also means that the skin moves and shifts. Meaning we can do an aesthetically placed

Ear Piercings on numbed tissue but when the product wears off and the skin relaxes, the piercing can appear different from the original marked placement.

Some other reasons why numbing products are not needed or used by most skilled Ear Piercing Professionals. An Ear Piercing procedure is classified as a puncture wound. Numbing products applied to the skin through a cream, gel or spray take about half of an hour to work on the surface of the skin only. Most skilled Ear Piercing Professionals can perform a piercing in a few seconds or less. Having even just one single nervous guest or an entire family hang around while waiting up to a half of an hour for a product to lend little to no contributions to numbing the area isn't worth everyone's inconvenience. Additionally these products can have certain dosages for suggested ages. Most numbing products are considered drugs, meaning there is always the risk for complications with use such as severe allergic reactions. These products can have certain dosages for suggested ages and many of these products advise that a physician must be consulted before use and under the age of three and sometimes as even as old as 12.

If these instructions are being ignored, then the safe practices of the provider and the entire Ear Piercing Service should be questioned.

Going deeper. There are types of numbing products people are using for piercing,

similar to what is used for injections that have much stronger concentrations of chemicals and this means they can cause more serious side effects. Injections are done by trained, licensed nurses, doctors, and others who know the risks and what to do when things go wrong with these products. That’s not your local body piercer. Body Piercing does not include training for the use of topical or injectable numbing agents and individuals are not trained on what to do in the case of a serious adverse allergic reactions due to use of these products. Unless individuals are properly trained and licensed to use these products, they should not be included in Ear Piercing services.

Numbing creams, gels and sprays in theory seems like a great idea,

but in practice it is actually not very safe and I myself, as a skilled expert Ear Piercing Professional know using such products could contribute to various potential risks and complications that I am not interested in exposing my special guests to here at Baby Ear Piercing. Not not only can it cause really serious side effects, it can also leave you with a misplaced, or unattractive Ear Piercing. Not to mention, it’s still going to feel almost the same with or without these cream, spray or gel products. Most conservative Ear Piercings are not painful enough to need a numbing cream, gel, spray or anything else.

Much of the fears and concerns about how an Ear Piercing actually feels are often exaggerated and these feelings are totally normal. We understand. An experienced, reputable Piercing Professional will do their best to safely and efficiently streamline

your Ear Piercing making your service as comfortable and easy as possible!

A great Ear Piercing Professional you trust, will guide you through your

Ear Piercing Experience without the use of a numbing cream.

Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, CA. has built the skill level that guests can trust

without the need for gimmicks or the use of a topical crutch.




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