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Ear Piercing with an Ear Piercing Gun

This article is Pertaining to the Safety Aspect

in regards to possible Contaminates that may be released

with the use of a reusable Ear Piercing Device for Ear piercing

which is called an Ear Piercing Gun.

Generally, an Ear Piercing Gun is intentionally made to be a reusable device.

An Ear Piercing Gun is not a sterile or single-use device.

If an Ear Piercing Gun can not be sterilized in an autoclave sterilization unit

and is only wiped down between uses

than an Ear Piercing Gun it is not aseptic,

medically clean or new, when used for Ear Piercing.

 Some Ear Piercing Gun devices are direct load which means the Ear Piercing Gun and the Earring touch together through direct connection

which also directly comes into contact with the Ear to be Pierced.

This method introduces 3 modes of contamination.

Other Ear Piercing Gun Devices may require single-use attachable components

that may be added for use as part of the Ear Piercing Gun

and then that same part may be then detached after use.

Packaged Sterile Earrings are contained in an encased component

that will be opened, and then the entire encased component

is attached & loaded into a reusable Ear Piercing Gun.

The packaged single-use encased Sterile Earrings

may start off with a sterile inner packaging,

 but once the Earrings are opened and the encased component is attached & loaded

 into a reusable Ear Piercing Gun, all items can immediately

become contaminated through what is called Cross-Contamination.

Contamination and Cross-Contamination can occur

when these detachable components or attachments

come into contact with the reusable Ear Piercing Gun,

including the combination of touching the non-sterile,

reusable Ear Piercing Gun, and then touching the

detachable components or attachments

including any contact with the Ear,

such as wiping the Ear with a cleaning prep pad

and actually touching the Ear during the Ear Piercing Procedure.

All Services at Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, CA

are aseptic and the items selected for New.

All Earrings for Ear Piercing Procedures are Non-Contaminated, Sterile Processed, Single-Use & Individually Packaged. All Items for Each & Every Ear Piercing Procedure are New, Disposable & Non-Reusable.

Baby Ear Piercing is not permitted to use your own personal earrings or jewelry.

Ear & Body Piercings or other Body Art

Should Never be attempted by any untrained person.

Those Attempting to do so

may be Breaking County and State Regulatory Laws

as well as Putting Themselves and Especially Others

 in Danger or at Risk of Serious or Even Life-Threatening Situations.

We take Piercing Seriously and so should you.

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