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Ear Piercing with Your Own Earrings.

Updated: May 14

In regards to Ear Piercing with Your Own Earring, using your own personal jewelry, Earrings, for initial Ear Piercing services...

One of the many great features why guests choose our services

at Baby Ear piercing in San Jose, CA for Our Unique, Stringent, Safety Features which Include: Non-Contaminated, Sterile Processed & Packaged, Single Use Earrings.

Ear Piercing with Your Own Earrings does not fall into these standards.

This is absolutely necessary to ensure that the safety and healing

of the Ear Piercings are put in place from the start for safety & success.

Baby Ear Piercing. com is not permitted to use your personal earrings for initial Ear Piercing Services. According to County and State Ear Piercing Regulations, all Earrings used for initial Ear Piercing Services must be processed, sterilized, documented and the metals must be certified in order to verify that the Earring composition meets and is in accordance to the Safe Ear Piercing Regulations. 


 You may change the initial Ear Piercing jewelry into your own personal Earrings in as soon as 6 to 9 weeks or longer depending on the type of Ear Piercing Service and upon success of initial healing stage which is usually around 6 to 9 weeks and 6 to 9 months for Cartilage. 

It takes one year or longer to completely heal.

As Ear Piercing Professionals,

we are very familiar with the Earrings and the accompanying components that are used during Ear Piercing Services. This familiarity plays a ginormous role in delivering a safe successful well rounded Ear Piercing Service.

Here are a few drops in the bucket reasons why

Baby Ear Piercing can NOT use your own Earrings during Ear Piercing Services:

  • Usually personal Earrings have been transported in non controlled manner.

  • Ear Piercing Professionals may be unfamiliar with the integrity of your own Earrings.

  • Your Earrings may break or bend during services.

  • Your Earrings may break during the insertion phase of the actual Ear Piercing procedure resulting in a failure of the installation with associated bleeding.

  • Your Earrings may have quality control issues such as sharp edges, burs, nics, weak closures and settings.

  • Your Earrings may not hold up to aftercare procedures or last through the inital healing process.

  • Your Earrings must be documented for the metal type to ensure that it meets or is above the required safe metals standards for piercing regulations.

  • Your Earrings must be documented during the entire sterilization procedure.

  • The Sterilization equipment used to sterilize Earrings must be regulated through documentation which involves monitoring and testing monthly or more for sterilization efficacy.

The Baby Ear Piercing Facility uses an autoclave that is a clean run cycle only.

This means items loaded into our autoclave are already new.

All Earrings at Baby Ear Piercing selected for Ear Piercing Procedures are Non-Contaminated, Sterile Processed, Single-Use & Individually Packaged.

All Items for Each & Every Ear Piercing Procedure are New, Disposable & Non-Reusable. For extra safety, new Earrings that we carefully receive from our distributor

are processed and documented in a monitored regulated clean cycle autoclave and brought up to a sterilized level Required for Ear Piercing Services.

30 years ago,

It was probably possible,

if one called around enough they could find someone,

at some place,to do an Ear Piercing with personal Earrings.

That should not be happening today.

Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, CA

Takes the mystery out of Ear Piercing with methodical Safer Ear Piercing Services.


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