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The May Birthstone Earring is Emerald.

What is a Birthstone?

Depending on the chart used for reference,

a distinct particular Gemstone has been assigned to represent each month of the year.

There are several different Birthstone charts

with both traditional and modern Gemstones. Minerals and Stones.

Your birth month has been assigned a Birthstone to represent that month.

What's your Birthstone?

Which gemstone and color represents your birth month?

This coinciding name to month chart

is most widely used for the reference of Birthstones,

though actual Birthstone color variations are very common.

Color variations are due to Gemstone authenticity,

treatments and grades or crystal quality.

The May Birthstone Earring is Emerald.

Emerald is the Color Green and Name of the May Birthstone.

Austrian Crystals are a very affordable alternative choice

that can often be used in place of real Emeralds.

Why a Birthstone?

People wear Birthstones for many different reasons and beliefs.

It is believed that wearing Birthstones can produce energies which create various vibrations.

Wearing a Birthstone may give you a different, enhanced or significant feelings.

Select a Birthstone that you feel drawn to,

or simply go traditional & choose your birth month.

Baby Ear Piercing stocks Real Precious and Semi-Precious Birthstones.

Setting choices can include 14k or 18k White & Yellow Gold.

We have all of the birth month Colors.

Please call in advance to confirm your interest in the Real Birthstones Collection.

Most Styles in the Austrian Crystal Colors are always in stock.


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