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Stuck Earrings. Post Style Earrings with Friction Backings. Flat Back Earrings

Earrings can sometimes become stuck and this can make

the ability to remove the backings seem impossible.

Sometimes it may be necessary to visit

an Ear Piercing Professional to remove a stuck Earring,

Especially if the Earring style is a larger gauge or body Jewelry

which may require new tools to assist in the removal.

There are two different kinds of complications

that can occur with Earring Removal.

1. Friction Earring Backing Components

can become stuck by

not allowing the release

or disengagement of an Earring Backing.

This can occur from an Earring Backing becoming damaged

from some sort of trauma, forced movement or catching.

Removal may occur in a few ways, such as:

Uncurling an Open Earring Backing.

Cutting a Covered Earring Backing off.

Having an Earring Backing Removed

by an Ear Piercing Professional or Medical Professional.


Each time you clean your Ear Piercings,

check for any signs of Backing component failure.

Always make sure your Earring components are working

by doing an integrity test.

Replace loose backing to prevent excessive backing movement or Earring Loss.

2. Earrings Becoming Embedded.

 This is more likely to occur on newer Ear piercing but can

occur on any Ear Piercing with any type of Earring.

An embedded Ear Piercing looks like the Earring is disappearing

or has disappeared underneath the skin.

Ear Piercing Jewelry that is too tight,

 may lead to the Earring becoming embedded.

It is imperative that a Friction Backing

must remain at the safety notch inscribed on the post. 

Flat Backs must fit the Ear

and have enough space to clean and heal.

Removal May Occur By:

Having an Earring and or Backing Adjusted or Removed

by an Ear Piercing Professional or Medical Professional.


Each time you clean your Ear Piercings,

check for any signs of swelling, redness, irritations

and Earrings embedding.

An Earring Backing should never be pushed up

along the post touching the back of the Ear.

If the lobe is squeezed between the front and back

of the Ear Piercing Jewelry, embedding is likely to 

occur and the backing needs to be moved on to the notch of the post

or should be removed immediately upon any signs of excessive swelling.

Ear and Cartilage Piercings that have issues can carry the risk of infections,

permanent scarring and the potential for Ear and Cartilage deformities.


Due to certain individual skin types or sensitivities these particular piercing techniques,

metals, earring styles and care products sold,

offered or selected during services may not be the right choice or work for everyone.

If you experience redness, swelling, irritation or other irregular conditions

that are related to your piercing,

discontinue use of product and or remove the earring and seek the advice

of a qualified physician if conditions worsen or persist.

If you believe you may be suffering from a life threatening situation related to your piercing,

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency services facility


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