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"You are the Salt of the Earth: How to Embrace Your Unique Influence in Your Own Piercing World"

Updated: Apr 3

Here we are on the start of another piercing blog journey. The Title is really for me to motivate and inspire myself into releasing information from decades of research and experience in my profession as an Ear Piercing Expert. I am writing from pure experience and not from what has been made up and traveled down the piercing mysterious grapevine of Ear Piercing disinformation and myths that have been made up over the decades to become tales that are still told and believed, perceived to be totally true because it says so on the internet. I will present some formal and informal topics that I hope will make it to the major search engines providing actual truthful information generated from decades of hands on experience, research and trials. I was inspired to take up writing an Ear Piercing blog from reading pure the falseness on site searches about basic Ear Piercing topics. I couldn't bare to read about it anymore.

I couldn't have made it here without God that guides me to write in spite of my writing skills.

Besides a lack to find a searchable title. I am not using AI for my blog content. This is a personal blog, containing real experiences from decades of professional piercing services on thousand of guests visiting our studio daily here at Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose.

This is How to Embrace Your Unique Influence in 'Your Own Piercing World'.

Do great works for the people.

You are the salt of the Earth.

About the Author:

DEH LICENSED SAFE BODY ART PRACTITIONER & JEWELER, Angel, the company founder of Baby Ear Piercing is a Licensed Safe Body Art Practitioner that has been Professionally providing Ear Piercing Services while incorporating the use of precious metals and creating hypoallergenic Baby Earrings for sensitive earring wearers for since 1987.

Angel is Internationally known and trusted by parents, medical practitioners, influencers and celebrities for safe, efficient, baby, toddler, kids and general Ear Piercing Services and Re-Openings.

Angel’s experience of working with superb metal formulations combined with her knowledgeable materials suggestions have led countless guests to find solutions to an end of their troubles with sensitive and problematic Ear Piercings related to Earring compatibility issues.


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