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How Long Does It Take for Ear Piercings to Heal?" Ear Piercing Healing Process.

Updated: Apr 24

Ear Piercing Aftercare and Healing Guides.
"The Healing Process: How Long Does It Take for Ear Piercings to Heal?"

Keep All Contents of Any Aftercare and or Purchases Out of Reach of Children. These Contents may include and contain liquids, plastic bags, small metal, plastic parts or other times that can be dangerous, hazardous or fatal to children or pets.

 "The Healing Process: How Long Does It Take for Ear Piercings to Heal?" The Healing Process.


Ear Piercings can take 6-9 weeks or more to reach only the initial healing stage.

After the successful initial healing has been achieved, changing the Earring styles may become another exciting option. The complete healing of an Ear Piercing can take one year or more to completely heal.


 Do not remove the Earrings during the initial healing period. This can cause issues by prolonging the overall healing process. Earrings should not be changed during the initial healing period unless an Earring related issue regarding the progress of the Ear Piercing is present.


Clean the Ear Piercings two times a day for 6 to 9 weeks. Make sure to wash and check the Ear Piercing for several years. After a successful initial healing period, you can simplify the aftercare cleaning procedure and incorporate during the shower or bath into your daily hygiene routine. Wash with a gentle liquid Castile soap or preferably flush the piercing with a simple Sea Salt Solution

Do not eliminate Ear Piercing hygiene after the initial healing period.

Even after one year, continue to clean and check the back of an Ear Piercing daily.


Older problematic Ear Piercings with aftercare related issues may need to be troubleshooted and treated with the similar guidelines as a New Ear Piercing.


A NORMAL PIERCING: May be tender, itchy or even may appear bruised for a few weeks.

It may be slightly red which can persist for several months.

A whitish-yellow or clear fluid can crust over the Earring and or especially the backside of the backing component, which is not pus.

In the first few days after an Ear Piercing, the body will be adjusting to the piercing and some bleeding and minimal swelling can occur.

Your own shampoo or shower water running over the Ear Piercing in most cases does not usually present potential piercing related issues. During the initial healing period, a dead cell waste accumulation can often occur on the backside of the Earring and Backing Component. Flushing out, irrigating or soaking an Ear Piercing can prepare and soften the excess cell waste for removal. Running clean water or a Sea Salt Solution over an Ear Piercing is beneficial to float away dead cell wastes that can accumulate the backside of the Earring and Backing Component. Never pick at crust, dead cell waste, play, pull, randomly rotate or move your Ear Piercings. It can interrupt or prolong the healing process by causing aggregation.


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DEH LICENSED SAFE BODY ART PRACTITIONER & JEWELER, Angel, the company founder of Baby Ear Piercing is a Licensed Safe Body Art Practitioner that has been Professionally providing Ear Piercing Services while incorporating the use of precious metals and creating hypoallergenic Baby Earrings for sensitive earring wearers for since 1987.

Angel’s experience of working with superb metal formulations combined with her knowledgeable materials suggestions have led countless guests to find solutions to an end of their troubles with sensitive and problematic Ear Piercings related to Earring compatibility issues.

Angel is Internationally known and trusted by parents, medical practitioners, influencers and celebrities for safe, efficient, baby, toddler, kids and general Ear Piercing Services and Re-Openings.

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D. K.
D. K.
Jul 11

My daughter just got her ears pierced a couple days ago. But then she lost one of the earrings already! I'm usually not one to think about the spiritual meaning of losing one earring, but I've heard losing an earring can symbolize something. Like maybe it means she's going through a change or something in her life is ending. Or it could represent letting go of something from her past?

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