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Earlobe Repair. Torn Ear Piercing. Enlarged, Gauged or Stretched Out Ear Piercing. Improper Positioning of an Ear Piercing.

Updated: Apr 11

What is it?

Earlobe Repair is the reconstruction of a Torn, Enlarged, Gauged or Stretched Out Ear Piercing. Some may also elect to have the procedure performed due to the Improper Positioning of an Ear Piercing.

Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure that is performed by a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist that specializes in cosmetic surgery. There are some Body Modification Professionals that perform this procedure without the use of local anesthesia.

This technique is not suggested for almost everyone. There’s some skills right there for the body modification,professional, and for the person receiving the services in that manner, those are very special people.

This article is aimed at more of an introductory conservative audience,

though all are always welcome to join in.

Torn Lobe seeking Referance of Repair from Baby Ear Piercing in san Jose, CA.
Torn Lobe Seeking Referance For Repair Baby Ear Piercing, San Jose, Ca.95128

There are a few scenarios that may contribute to the luxury need of an Earlobe Repair. 

What is it from? Your Earlobes can can be subjected to trauma and suffer a tear partially in the Ear or completely through the entire Earlobe.

Other cases may include a Stretched Ear Piercing on the earlobe, which may be unintentional or intentional. Unintentional may have occurred over the years of wearing heavy and or the combination of thin Earrings that caused the Ear to stretch and sometimes another combination of stretching and tearing can occur from widening the Earlobes which originated from African Maasai Warriors.

Intentional Earlobe stretching originates from Africa and became a thing in the United States in the very early 90s. It was discovered that Earlobes could stretch very large/

But what happens when you our Earlobes broke in two because you stretched them too fast or too big? What about if you are just through, over having large stretched Earlobes?

Well, you get your Earlobes cut off and cosmetically reconstructed.

OK that was a little harsh, but it’s actually true.

There is a medical procedure that one can opt for, which is the best way,

in our conservative opinion to close up those Earlobes and start over.

Isn’t that amazing? 

Earlobe Repair

How much does it cost?

The going rate to have this procedure performed is anywhere from $300-$500

an Ear and depending on who you visit for your service procedure.

Each Ear takes about a half an hour maybe more.

How soon can I have my Ears Pierced after a your Earlobe repair or reconstruction?

Generally. you may have your Ears Pierced as soon as 6 to 9 months but some guests wait one year or more. Keep in mind that your new Ear Piercing should NOT be on or directly above where the Earlobe repair took place. We noticed in our practice that the area where the Earlobe was newly adjoined, tends to be weaker than an Ear that has never been stitched or had a surgical reconstruction procedure.

What could go wrong? 

It is imperative that the cosmetic surgeon stitch the Ears in harmony with the shape and contour of your Ears in order for the Ears to flow naturally once the surgical repair is complete and the swelling has gone down. I personally experienced this the hard way.

 I had to get this procedure done twice. The first time they just sewed up my hugely elongated piercings that I had stretched out African style. So there was no reconstruction involved, which is absolutely what someone with a purposely stretched out Ear needs. On the flip side this is fine for conservatively closing an Earlobe that has been torn or naturally stretched in a straight line through the years or from wearing heavy Earrings or some other type of minor trauma. My cosmetic surgeon admitted that she thought that the long Ears were a desirable look because the Buddha has Ears being large and long. I said at this age I don’t need anything hanging large and long.

I needed Ears all tucked up and tight.

Having this procedure done twice was not very fun and the wait in between was six months and adding a third time was not anything I was going to agree upon. 

When the procedure was finished, the cosmetic surgeon, alerted me that the ear was misshaped. My cosmetic dermatologist surgeon sewed my ear from the back of me which was a position that did not contour with the natural shape and flow of the Ear. For sometime, I had a curly ear and after sometime, luckily, it worked itself out.

At first she was talking about coming back for another procedure.

At that time of the first initial consultation,

the Plastic Surgeon Dermatologist assured me that she knew how to do the procedure,

but when it came down to needing a second procedure because the Earlobes needed actual reconstructing and not just a closure of a slight opening. I kid you not, I began pulling up Instagram photos on my phone to show her how the procedures are done by body modification professionals that don’t even use anesthesia. But really, mainly that was the blessed site that first popped up with a perfectly reconstructed Earlobe repair example.

angel Gets new Ear Piercings at Baby ear Piercing in San Jose , CA 95128
New Ear Piercings After Ealobe Reconstruction

It is also important to report back to your cosmetic surgeon if you notice any gaps where the procedure has meant to have taken place. I have seen and experienced where the Earlobe repair stitching was missed and gaps appeared on the Ears. the gaps on the Earlobes are where the skin did not graft back together for a successful procedure,

leaving behind pockets.

After time and patients,

I was finally able to wear the Earrings that I had made for my New Ear Piercings.

I was very excited because I would be wearing my first ever 24k Gold Earrings

that I was inspired to make from all of the lovely traditional Indian guests that frequent

Baby Ear Piercing for Auspicious Ear Piercing Services.


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