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Bump on the Ear Piercing

Updated: May 16

The cause of a Non-Infectious Bump on an Ear Piercing can commonly occur from Improper, Irregular, Inconsistent or Insufficient Aftercare cleaning procedures and are usually the first suspects. Sometimes the Earring material, size and shape and other irritations may be the cause.

Keeping It Simple:

Earlobes can get a Fluid or Waste Filled Bump

and Cartilage may get a very stubborn a single Bump

with a combination of a Skin & Cartilage Issue

along with a Fluid or Waste Filled Bump.

What is the preventative?

 Follow your Aftercare Procedures Diligently.

For conditions that show no improvement, plateau or recycle

Consult your DEH Licensed Safe Body Art Practitioner for a re-evaluation.

Always seek the advice of a medical professional for any Ear Piercings that makes an individual feel unwell. This is not normal.

Here is a Powerful Solution for Short Term Use Only.

Many Piercing Bumps are non-infectious conditions

that are often mistaken as a Keloid even by some medical professionals.

Update Report on This Case:

Well, I accidentally deleted the beautiful response text and info for the follow up.

The Mom was elated to let me know that with only a few days of our suggested

Diligent Aftercare her Ear Piercing Bumps rapidly reduced

and seemed in control to diminish.

A true Keloiod can generally fail to respond to even the most diligent Aftercare cleaning plan, home remedies, jewelry changes even with safe materials or sizes

and continue to have no response to prescription drugs.

Invasive procedures are sometimes the only way to alleviate certain real Keloid conditions.

You may find that combating these types of Ear Bump issues

through Diligent Aftercare techniques may alleviate Non-Keloid conditions.

Baby Ear Piercing has developed Aftercare techniques from years of real life experiences.

Baby Ear Piercing makes this information available

for our very special guests whom may experience these conditions.

Bonus: Nose Piercing issues are notorious for

having these similar conditions an more.

 I would like to add, that I noticed that there are countless,

 copy and paste blogs from companies and corporations

on the internet that don't even offer Ear Piercing Services or Research on these issues.

This is weird.

Disclaimer: Due to certain individual skin types or sensitivities these particular piercing techniques,metals,

earring styles and care products sold,

offered or selected during services may not be the right choice or work for everyone.

If you experience redness, swelling, irritation or other irregular conditions

that are related to your piercing,discontinue use of product and or remove the earring and seek the advice of a qualified physician if conditions worsen or persist.

If you believe you may be suffering from a life threatening situation related to your piercing,

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency services facility

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