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Ear Piercing Infections and Irritations. What's the Difference?

 INFECTIONS and IRRITATIONS have very similar signs.

The appearance of an Irritation can be mistaken for an infection.

Ear Piercing Infections and Irritations are different.

Here are some basics as to "What's the Difference?"

INFECTIONS are caused by contact with harmful bacteria, fungi,and other living pathogens.

Piercing infections are actually quite rare but can usually be traced to some of the following

activities which you may have come in contact with,

such as, but not limited to touching with unwashed hands,

oral/bodily fluids, cosmetics, hair products, animals, pets, soil, gardening,

infrequently washed clothing or bedding, seat straps, pools, hot tubs, water

and other types of water sources, or unattended traumas.

While these symptoms may also indicate other problems,

look for these first indications of an infection:

Redness and swelling.

A sensation of heat at the piercing site.

Pain that feels like it is spreading or throbbing or discomfort when touched,

unusual discharge of yellow, green or grey colors.

Red streaks toward the heart, an abscess or any other unusual piercing conditions

especially accompanied by a fever must be evaluated and treated

immediately by a physician.

IRRITATIONS may appear in many different forms.

Here are some common causes: Insufficient, improper,

irregular aftercare cleaning techniques or omitting procedures.

Unexpected trauma such as hitting or snagging can cause an irritated reaction.

Sometimes irritations may not appear until several weeks after.

the initial trauma incident. Skin appearing shiny and tender with a clear discharge may indicate that an aftercare product or jewelry is not the right one for the new piercing. Avoid over cleaning and irregular aftercare techniques and procedures. Discontinue the use of an aftercare solution if you suspect irritation from such. Friction caused by tight clothing, car seat or carrier shoulder straps, hats, rough activities and 

improper handling methods may cause a bump and or permanent dark red or purple discoloration on or near the piercing. Stress, diet, fatigue and illness may cause an increased healing period or even migration of the piercing. Changing a piercing to an unsafe or unknown metal type can cause serious reactions that are often confused with and thought to be an infection. Skin that pulls away from the jewelry and appears to be consistently weeping, on & off are usually signs of a metal reaction.


Due to certain individual skin types or sensitivities these particular piercing techniques,

metals, earring styles and care products sold,

offered or selected during services may not be the right choice or work for everyone.

If you experience redness, swelling, irritation or other irregular conditions that are related to your piercing,

discontinue use of product and or remove the earring and seek the advice

of a qualified physician if conditions worsen or persist.

If you believe you may be suffering from a life threatening situation related to your piercing,

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency services facility

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