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Auspicious Ear Piercing? What Is It?

Updated: Apr 4

Aupicious Ear Piercing in San Jos , CA.
Baby Ear Piercing makes an Auspicious Ear Piercing A Celebration for All.

What is an Auspicious Ear Piercing?

Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, CA provides Auspicious Ear Piercing Services.

You may have wondered what an Auspicious Ear Piercing is.

According to Hindu religious belief pillars, it is incumbent for every child boy and girl, to receive an ear piercing on an auspicious date assigned to them, this is a day and particular time which has been prescribed personally by a Hindu priest or an astrological calendar showing favorable dates adhering to the practices of assigning auspicious dates and times to community members.

The personal meaning behind an auspicious ear piercing can differ. One may decide to choose a modest route With a simple auspicious ear, piercing service. For an easy to understand definition, let’s say it’s similar to getting a Lucky Day Ear Piercing. For others it can be a major occasion with a festive ceremony deeply ingrained with rich cultural, traditional, beauty, health, wealth, flow of energy, balance, light, spiritual, religious meanings and beliefs.

A gathering of family with aunties, uncles grandparents all in attendance for this joyous occasion, completing a pillar in Hinduism.

Guest tend to wear, their very best to their auspicious ear piercing service appointment, ranging from traditional white to multi colorful saris or casual and comfortable salwar khamis. An individual grand translation of these terms can include a certain order of an Auspicious Ear Piercing ceremony. Family members may take part in this ancient ritual/ceremony on an auspicious day called Karnavedha.

 The child receiving an Auspicious Ear Piercing may sit on the mothers lap or preferably

the favorite uncle will offer assistance. While this is a joyous occasion, parents and family member's quit often are apprehensive and nervous. Some guests bring toys for distraction to entertain their child during services while parents of older children may try their best to entice them with bribes of assorted candies and chocolates as a reward upon the completion of an Auspicious Ear Piercing service.

It is prescribed in Sanskrit which side of the Ear will be pierced first

For a girl it is left and a boy it is the right side of the Ear first.

An Auspicious Ear Piercing prayer may be recited by the Father of the child

or the Ear Piercing Professional.

A favorite of ours is when guest bring along a fresh young coconut for the snapping to represent their devotion to God which is certainly a very symbolic part in many Auspicious Ear Piercing services. Some families may even choose to gift the Ear Piercing Professional a small token of appreciation like coins, fruits, flowers, and sometimes other trinkets upon the conclusion of the service.

Really, Anyone may choose to have an Auspicious Ear Piercing.

For some it can be as simple as a special, Lucky Day Ear Piercing and

the meaning of, and how detailed your desire is for your Auspicious Ear Piercing service,appointment, ceremony or ritual is really up to you.

Let your Light in with an Auspicious Ear Piercing.

Its never too late.


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