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Baby Ear Piercing since 1987

  Baby Ear Piercing is a Dedicated, Private, Licensed Ear Piercing Facility With

 Friendly, Experienced, Highly Skilled & Trained Licensed Ear Piercing Professionals

Providing Services for Guests of All Ages, Infants 2 Months +, Babies, Kids & Adults Too!

Professional Infant Ear Piercing. Kids Ear Piercing. Baby Ear Piering, Re Open Ear Piercing.


 All Earrings for Ear Piercing Procedures at Baby Ear Piercing are Always New, Non-Contaminated,

Lot Numbered & Documented, Sterile Processed, Single-Use & Individually Packaged.

The Earrings Selected for Services are Professionally Sterilized In-Studio or at an FDA Approved Medical Sterilization Facility.

Baby Ear Piercing Service Procedures are Always Aseptic and Single Use.

18k white and Yellow Gold CZ Post Earrings

Baby Ear Piercing is NOT Permitted to use Your OWN Personal Jewelry for Ear Piercing Services.

California State and County Safe Piercing Regulations DO NOT Permit the Use of Your OWN Personal Undocumented Jewelry for Ear Piercing Services.

Baby Earrings at baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, Professional Piercer

You May Have Wondered What The Difference is at the Baby Ear Piercing Facility Studio:

Each of Our Very Special Guests are Serviced in a Private, Exclusive, Spacious Ultra Hygienic Studio Setting.



Our Sparkling Facility is Dedicated to ONLY That.

We think that it is Important for you to know that We Do Not Offer Other Services That May Comprise the Quality of Our Hygienic Facility Such as:

Hair, Make-Up, Nail Services, Glamour Parties, or Un-Monitored Non-Appointment Browsing or Shopping.

Appointments are Always Required in Order to Offer All of Our Very Special Guests the Ultimate Ear Piercing Services & Aftercare.

We are Really Serious About Keeping You Safe and Safety is the First Key to Successful Ear Piercing.


Baby Ear Piercing is a Family Owned & Operated, Private, Licensed, Safe Body Art Facility that Complies

with All 2024 Local and State Safe Body Art Regulations. Santa Clara County Heath Dept. Compliant,

S.C. DEH Inspected & Consecutively Passing Every Year!!!

Professional Baby Ear Piercing Facility San Jose, CA. All Ages Ear Piercing. Adult Ear Piercing. Kids Ear Piercing Re-opening an Ear Piercing.

Our Dedicated Safety Service Features Include:

All Items for Each & Every Ear Piercing Procedure are New, Disposable and Non-Reusable.

Fresh, Renewable Surface Area's and Dedicated Safety Procedures Throughout the Entire Facility.

 Professional Ear Piercing for Kids at 980 s Winchester Blvd. Unit #30 San Jose, 9512828

   For the Ultimate Ear Piercing Experience,

        BE SURE to Read our Updated Safety Guidelines.        

All Ages Ear Piercing at Baby Ear Piercing. Infant Ear Piercing

 Your baby can have their Ears Pierced after 2 months old and up.

It's So Easy to Schedule an Appointment Online.

Minors Under the Age of 18, Must be Accompanied by Their Legal Parent for All Piercing Services.

See the Self Service Online Schedule for Current Appointment Schedule Availability.

The select days & hours in which Baby Ear Piercing provides service availability may change or fluctuate rapidly.

The online reservation system will display the most current and correct appointment availability.

Closed on Some Holidays.

Located at:

980 S. Winchester Blvd. #30 San Jose Ca. 95128


Baby Earring at Baby Ear piercing in San Jose, CA 95128

This Informational Site Contains Answers to most of your Pre & Post Consultation Ear Piercing Questions

which has been personally created, compiled and written from decades of REAL Hands on Human experiences:

ANGEL, a Quailified DEH Licensed Safe Body Art Practitioner, Ear & Nose Piercing Professional,

Authorized OSHA General Industry Outr​each Trainer,

Bloodborne Pathogens Safety and Facilities Safety Compliance Specialist.

Our Information Content, Procedure Descriptions & Aftercare Guides are Human Generated.


Relax and Let Our Expertise Navigate You Through a Professional Baby Ear Piercing Service.

Experience Why Guests and Parents Continue to Choose Baby Ear Piercing Services since 1987.


Baby Ear Piercing, Diamond Ear Piercing 980 S Winchester Blvd. Unit #30, San Jose , CA 95128,San Jose, Ca. Adult Ear Piercing. infant Ear Piercing.

Didn't quite find the answer you were looking for after reviewing

informational site based off of Real, 100% Pure Piercing Experience?

Please leave your contact information or send a text message along with your in-studio purchase, service or aftercare related questions.

Aftercare Text Assistance for Guests is usually prompt and available at anytime.

(Texts during off hours are voluntary & offered as a courtesy to assist only guests serviced at Baby Ear Piercing)

Try it out ANYTIME!


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