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Welcome to Baby Ear

Birthstone Earrings, Hypoallergenic,  Ear Piercing for Babies and Kids.

Each of Our Very Special Guests are Serviced in a Private, Exclusive, Spacious Ultra Hygienic Studio Setting.

Parents Choose Our Private, Luxury Ear Piercing Services When Safety & Expertise Are The #1 Top Priority.

Baby Ear Piercing at 980 S. Winchester Blvd. Unit #30, San Jose, CA 95128

  Our Unique Safety Service Features Include:

Non-Contaminated, Sterile Processed & Packaged, Single Use Earrings.

High Level Aseptic Service Procedures.

 Fresh, Renewable Surface Area's and Safety Procedures

Throughout the Entire Facility & During Presentation for Each and Every Service Guest.

The Safest, Cleanest, Finest Piercing Procedures & Services Nationally Offered

 are Credible Reasons Why for Decades Guests Have Trusted & Continue to Choose Baby Ear

Baby Ear Piercing Studio, San Jose, CA. All Ages Ear Piercing.

You May Have Wondered What The Difference is:

Baby Ear Piercing is a Private, Licensed, Safe Body Art Facility that is Up to Date

and Complies with All 2023 Local and State Safe Body Art Regulations.

Santa Clara County Heath Dept. Compliant,

S.C. DEH Inspected & Consecutively Passing Every Year!!!

Ear & Cartilage Piercing at Kids  Ear San Jose, CA.

New Location: 980 S. Winchester Blvd.

 Unit #30 San Jose, 95128

   Located in the business complex parking lot side of Winchester and Williams.

Please take note: Google maps may mislead you by directing you to our prior location on the opposite corner.   

Baby Ear Piercing, Diamond Ear Piercing 980 S Winchester Blvd. Unit #30, San Jose , CA 95128,San Jose, Ca is NOT Permitted

to use Your OWN Personal Jewelry for Ear Piercing Services.

​The Earrings Selected for Services is Professionally Sterilized In-Studio or at an FDA Approved Medical Sterilization Facility.

The Sterile Packaging is Lot Numbered & Documented.Baby Ear Piercing Service Procedures are Always Aseptic and Single Use.

Kids Ear Piercing at 980 s winchester blvd Unit #30 San Jose 95128


  For the Ultimate Ear Piercing Experience, BE SURE to Read the New Safety Guidelines.

            Relax and Let Our Expertise Navigate You Through Your Service.

This Informational Site Contains Answers to most of your Pre & Post Consultation Ear Piercing Questions

which has been personally created, compiled and written from decades of premium experience by:

ANGEL, a Quailified DEH Licensed Safe Body Art Practitioner, Ear & Nose Piercing Professional,

Authorized OSHA General Industry Outr​each Trainer,

Bloodborne Pathogens Safety and Facilities Safety Compliance Specialist.


Infant Ear piercing. KidsEarPiercing .com

 Your baby can have their Ears Pierced after 2 months old and up.

It's So Easy to Schedule an Appointment Online.

18k Bright White or Rich Luxurious Yellow Gold Earrings.

Serving the South Bay Area Since 1987

New Facility Location for

A private, quaint, musically & moderately paced, spacious creative studio setting offering

World Class Personalized Piercing Services in a Safe CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT

for Guests of ALL AGES, 2 months and older by Appointment Only.

See the Self Service Online Schedule for Current Appointment Schedule Availability.

The select days & hours in which Baby Ear Piercing decides to provide service availability may change or fluctuate rapidly.

The online reservation system will display the most current and correct appointment availability

as opposed to days and hours made up or displayed by uncontrolled miscellaneous popular search engines.

Closed on Most Holidays.

Located at

980 S. Winchester Blvd. #30 San Jose Ca. 95128


All Ages Ear Piercing at Baby Ear

 Remember after Baby Ear Piercing services to first read through your entire aftercare guide which

contains all of the necessary information to successfully heal an Ear or Cartilage Piercing.

AFTER reviewing the Aftercare Guide,

If assistance shall ever become temporarily unavailable and in the case where

more immediate assistance is needed,

Please consult a physician or medical professional for advice if necessary.



Minors Under the Age of 18,

Must be Accompanied by Their Legal Parent for All Piercing Services.

Didn't quite find the answer you were looking for after reviewing this entire information packed site?

Please leave your contact information or send a text message along with your in-studio purchase,

service or aftercare related questions.

Aftercare Text Assistance for Guests is usually prompt and available at anytime.

(texts during off hours are voluntary & a courtesy to assist only guests serviced at Baby Ear Piercing)

Try it out ANYTIME!

Earring Styles & Backings

A variety of Quality Earrings are available for your selection.

Choices include Hoops, Traditional Ball Studs, Shapes,

Bezel Crystal Gem Post Studs, Prong Set Cubic Zirconia

& Crystal Gemstones, Genuine Birthstones,

and Real Diamond Styles.

Most Post Style Earrings used for Ear Piercing Services

are smooth and a minimum of 20 Gauge in thickness.

Notched Posts with Open Clasp Backing Closures

are Classic for Earring Post Stud Styles.

Threaded Screw on styles and covered backs

are available by special request.

Most Back Closures lay flush with the earring post backing

so tips are never exposed.

Poking or rubbing types of irritations are

generally NEVER an issue.

Additional Backing Closures Styles are available upon request.

Birthstone Earring< Cubic zirconia Earrings at Baby Ear

Earring Metals

The Metals used for Earrings at Baby Ear Piercing

are Allergy-Free, Hypo-Allergenic, Nickel Safe and

or Nickel Free which meets or exceeds

FDA Standards and Regulations.

All metals and alloys are Lead Free.

Choices Include:

Medical Grade-ASTM-136 TI 6AL-4V ELI Titanium,

14kt. White or Yellow Gold,

18kt. White or Yellow Gold and Platinum.

For strength, Friction Notch Clasp Backing Closures may

be composed of one or more of the materials listed above or below:

24kt. Gold Overlay on 316L Medical Grade Stainless Steel.

Statistic rates continue to prove that all Earring Materials

used for Ear Piercing Services at

Have a high rate for successful healing.​

Sterile Earrings for Every Piercing Service


All items selected for each service are

ALWAYS New and Single Use.

During your service procedure,

You will be alerted when the Sterile Packaging

is being broken during your Service Procedure.

For Quality Control and your Safety,

Sterile Items are Lot Numbered, Certified Sterile

 and Documented for the required time period.

These Safety measures are a part of the Baby Ear Piercing

difference and that's why we hope you'll choose

Baby Ear Piercing for your Ear Piercing Services

because you already notice a difference.

We care and Seriously, so should you.

Traditional Indian Ear Piercing at Baby Ear Auspicious Ear Piercing
Experience superb aftercare for Ear Piercing Sercies and problematic Piercing care. We have solutions to help solve Ear Piercing Issues.

The Baby Ear Piercing informational website

provides you with first hand credible answers to not only your pre-consultation questions

but also provides valuable information on the aftercare and maintenance tips for your piercing.

You can find this information here at Baby Ear Piercing.

This online information has been exclusively compiled from decades of real,

first hand experiences with our very own guests

and others seeking assistance and services at Baby Ear

It is important that you receive information that is simple to understand

and which pertains to the particular service that you are obtaining.

All too often, individuals can unknowingly get caught up searching random

non-credible sources of Piercing Information on the Internet.

It can be difficult to avoid gathering information from non-credible sources on the Internet.

People often ask great questions but unfortunately the answers to many of these questions

often don't even apply or pertain to the particular service appointment or situation at hand.

Angel, a DEH Registered & Licensed Body Art Practitioner at Baby Ear Piercing.

has decades of continued of solid procedure knowledge

and experience with an outstanding global reputation you can rely on.

Reading this site will help you to develop an understanding ranging from the ethics,

aftercare instructions and the commitments which are involved when

an Ear Piercing Service is provided by Baby Ear Piercing.

A Credible Online Piercing Source to Suit Your Ear Piercing Service Questions and Aftercare Needs.

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