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Earring Style Samples for Baby Ear Piercing Services

At Baby Ear Piercing, All Earrings for Ear Piercing Procedures are Non-Contaminated, Sterile Processed, Single-Use & Individually Packaged. All Items for Each & Every Ear Piercing Procedure are New, Disposable & Non-Reusable. Choose From Real 18k White & Yellow Gold Earrings. Diamonds, CZ, Colored Birthstone Crystals, Gemstones or 21k Screw Back Earrings.

Earring Styles & Backings

14k White Gold with Colord Crystals Earring at Baby Ear Piercing

A variety of Quality Earrings are available

for your selection in

Certified 18k, 14k,Bright White or Rich Luxurious Yellow Gold.

Choices include Hoops, Traditional Ball Studs, Shapes,

Bezel Crystal Gem Post Studs,

Prong Set Cubic Zirconia & Crystal Gemstones,

Genuine Birthstones,

and Real Diamond Styles.

Most Post Style Earrings used for Ear Piercing Services

are smooth and a minimum of 20 Gauge in thickness.

Notched Posts with Open Clasp Backing Closures

are Classic for Earring Post Stud Styles.

Threaded Screw on styles and covered backs

are available by special request.

Most Back Closures lay flush

with the Earring post backing

so tips are never exposed.

Poking or rubbing types of irritations are

generally NEVER an issue.

Additional Backing Closures, Earring Styles

are available upon request.

18k Classic Earring Styles at Baby Ear Piercing .com

Sterile Earrings for Every Piercing Service

New Sterile Packaging for Ear and Every Baby Ear Piercing Service



All items selected for each service are

ALWAYS New and Single Use.

During your service procedure,

You will be alerted when the Sterile Packaging

is being broken during your Service Procedure.

For Quality Control and your Safety,

Sterile Items are Lot Numbered, Certified Sterile

 and Documented for the required time period.

These Safety measures are a part

of the Baby Ear Piercing difference and

that's why we hope you'll choose

Baby Ear Piercing for your Ear Piercing Services

because you already notice a difference.

We care and Seriously, so should you.

Traditional Indian Ear Piercing at Baby Ear Auspicious Ear Piercing
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