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Golden Thread. A Traditional Indian Earring Style Used in India to Perform Standard and Auspicious Ear Piercings.

Updated: Apr 3

Our subject today is called "Golden Thread Earrings". 

You may ask, what is Golden Thread?

Golden Thread is a very thin wire used directly for Piercing an Ear. Golden Thread Earrings are usually Made from a very high karat of Gold

ranging from 22k or 24 karat pure Gold Wire.

Golden Thread is a Traditional Indian Earring Style used in India to Perform Standard and Auspicious Ear Piercings is made from high karat or even pure Gold which sounds expensive and it can be. The Gold used to make these Earrings can actually be formed in such a way that it becomes more affordable to various levels of family social statures.

Golden thread is made from incredibly fine wire. The Golden Thread is milled or drawn into a very fine 22 gauge wire, which refers to the thickness of the earrings. The Golden thread style of Earring may have gemstone settings, coils or dangles.

Golden Thread Earrings are either sold as unfinished hoops or stud styles of Earrings used for Ear Piercing and both of these Earring styles involve the coiling of the excessive Gold wire which is not an easy task to perform on a infant, baby, toddler, child, who has just had an Ear Piercing. To complicate matters, now the Golden Thread Earrings need to be quickly coiled neat and tight on the back of this new Ear Piercing. Keep in mind this is for children. If you think you child will hand over their Ear easily, think again. Even 7 year olds play us about.

Yes, this is where the term to pierce with Golden Thread comes from,

meaning to pierce with a golden needle.

 The coil that is formed to close or secure the Golden Thread Earring requires an expert usually found in India at a jewelry store that sells Golden Thread Earrings. It’s generally just a jeweler who does Ear Piercing. While the jeweler may be excellent at making and coiling Earrings. There is usually a huge safety issues pertaining to hygiene and the safety in delivering an Ear Piercing provided by jewelers.

The few common issues with cultural Ear Piercings off hand are always going to be questions like, where are those pliers coming from that are used for the coiling? Are they new for each person? Have they been sterilized? How have the pliers been sterilized and on and on and on in regards to safety. Were gloves used for Ear Piercing and are all items new and select items sterilized? Probably not.

There are some other serious drawbacks to this ultra fine drawn wire thread.

Golden Thread is very thin and bends very easily. It is easy to kink unintentionally and is very common with gold thread. The integrity of Golden Thread has a very low threshold of durability. The initial Earring formation and coiling the back of the Golden Thread is crucial for a new Ear Piercing. The post must have sufficient room for a new piercing to heal.

There must be an allowance gap on the straight part of the post of at least an eighth of an inch or more to allow for the daily cleaning and minor swelling of any new Ear Piercing.

The other issue is the catching factor. These earrings, whether the golden thread is formed into hoops or studs are very catchy and have no way of disengaging if they get caught or bumped, and can easily damage or even worse tear an ear. The Golden Thread must be tightly and smoothly coiled around the Ear Post to wound to perfection for the best chances of an Earring not getting caught and creating a damaged or torn Earlobe.

The Ear piercing Professionals at Baby Ear Piercing are often removing Golden Thread Earrings by unwinding, or cutting them out. Additionally, since the Golden Thread Earring is very thin, it does not have lasting integrity when subjected to bending or pulling, and can break very easily. 

 In our practice of offering Auspicious Ear Piercing as Ear Piercing Professionals

at Baby Ear Piercing, in San Jose, CA. We often have guests seek our Emergency Removal Services requesting help for Earrings Installed or Pierced in India. Too many times the Earring Post of the Golden Thread has been bent incorrectly with an insufficient amount of room between the post and coil for cleaning, swelling and the most unfortunate, permanent Earlobe damage from these styles of Earrings getting caught or becoming too tight.

Of Course, 22k or 24 karat gold earrings are very desirable for an Auspicious Ear Piercing or any Ear Piercing. It is pretty safe to safe to say that we can all agree, that No one wants a damaged or torn Ear Lobe. is an Ear Piercing Center for cultural oneness.

We strive our very best to find solutions to problematic Ear Piercing

brought to us for our expertise from guests around the globe.

We have worked diligently on bridging the gap between Traditional Indian Ear Piercing, Earrings and safety. At Baby Ear Piercing our goal is to offer safer Ear Piercing with Cultural Traditions in mind.



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