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Earring Backings: Open or Covered, Friction Backings- Which is the Best Option for You?

Updated: Apr 15

For decades we have included both Backing Component Styles

in our Professional Ear Piercing Services at Baby Ear Piercing, in San Jose, CA.

Earring Backing Options: Friction or Covered?
Earring Backing Options: Open Friction or Covered?

Often, guests seeking Ear Piercing Services at Baby Ear Piercing inquire or request select types of Earring Backings that may not be the best or even safest choice.

Whats Better? Open or Covered Friction Backings?

Lets demystify and end the myths on Open Friction Backings or sometimes called Butterfly Backings. Are they a poking hazard? No. But worn incorrectly they could be.The Earring Post and the Open Friction Backing Components used for Services at Baby Ear Piercing have a unique flex feature creating a flexible friction system between the post and Backing Component. The flex between the components function for comfort, especially during sleeping. These Friction Backs are designed to remain on the notch inscribed on the Earring Post in order to protect and shield the tapered tip of the post which can and does prevent poking.These Friction Backing Components do not slide up the post and generally do not disengage without distinct pressures to initiate a removal or disengagement. Undamaged Friction Backing Components do not just fall off on there own.They can disengage with unexpected force occurs, which is actually a safety feature to prevent ear damage or tearing.

 In order to keep these Friction Backing Components functioning securely, always change and replace when any unplanned disengagement or other subjection to minor or major trauma has occurred.

Friction Backing Components should always be fresh and snappy with firm tension.

There are many contributing factors that go hand in hand for the successful healing of a new Ear Piercing to take place. Using the proper Aftercare Solutions and cleaning Techniques are imperative. For comfort, healing and cleanliness, the Friction Backing Components must remain on the Notch inscribed on the post of the Earring.They are removable if issues or situations requiring the immediate need for removal arise. The shape and size of these Backing Components allow for ease of planned personal earring removal. These Backing Components are easy to monitor. The debris from dead cell waste can easily be cleaned off.

Covered Earring Backing or Open Friction?
Earring Backings: Open or Covered Friction Backing - Which is the Best Option for You?

Now lets examine Covered Friction Backing Components with push on and pull off functions. (Not Covered Screw Backing for this Article) 

Parents are often sold on these because they may have read about Friction Covered Backings being a great choice for Initial Ear Piercing Earrings.

Covered Friction Backing Components in general are the most requested backings, though for various reasons we generally do not start off with covered backings. If a covered backing is chosen for Baby Ear Piercing, an extra covered or open friction backing is usually provided and Guests may choose to change the style for hygienic reasons

at 6 - 9 weeks or even after.

These Covered Friction Backing Components have that same Flex feature for comfort during sleep. They can never be pushed on too tight and there is no chance for exposure to an Earring Post Tip. So with all these great features, whats the issue? What Gives? Nothing and that's the issue.

Here at Baby Ear Piercing, safe piercing is a priority along with all the roots and branches that stem out in every direction related to our profession. Baby Ear Piercing is a facility that offer methodical conservative Ear Piercing and Re-opening Services for all ages. Infants 2 months+, Babies, Toddlers, Kids and Adults too! Each service is individualized but all new Ear Piercing have one thing in common, Dead cell waste and debris secreted from a new Ear Piercing. The diligence of your aftercare routine has much to do with the outcome and successful healing of a new Ear Piercing especially when wearing Covered Friction Backing Components. Keep in mind if you have a busy day, are feeling a little tired or whatever reason and missed a cleaning, at first a dead cell waste can accumulate and discretely makes its way into the hole of Covered Friction Backing Components. Add aftercare cleaning solutions, water and just a few more times of missing your aftercare routine and a build up begins to form inside. A minor or even major build up protruding out of or around the Covered Friction Backing Component can occur quickly. Overtime and even worse, a backup into the piercing can commonly create a bump (another subject article).  Some removals can become impossible and trimming out an earring is sometimes the only option for removal especially when enough buildup, similar to a hardened cement forms inside of the Covered Friction Backing.

These Covered Friction backings share the same flex features as Open Friction Backings. If a Covered Friction Backing Component is obstructed from build up and can no longer flex, this may also hinder removal during an unplanned event of trauma to the earring resulting in an earring post tip bending inside of the Covered Friction Backing Component. This unfortunate event may also result in the need to trim an earring out of the piercing.

If Covered Friction Backing Components are something you still desire, consider the option of waiting for 6- 9 weeks after the Ear Piercing Service and initial healing has been successfully achieved. If this is your current style considering refreshing them with a new pair. Remember, all Ear Piercings take one year or longer to completely heal, so check for debris and build up regularly.

After careful research trials between Open Friction Backings and Covered Friction Backing Components, It was concluded that each have their time and place for great use.

Choose Wisely.

Earring Backings: Open or Covered Friction Backings - Which is the Best Option for You?
Earring Backings: Open or Covered Friction Backings - Which is the Best Option for You?

Pictured here: This is not a Baby Ear Piercing Backing Component

but was removed from our guest during

an Earring Removal Service available at Baby Ear Piercing.

The metal appears to be silver which we do not suggest or use in studio. This covered backing was bent, worn, filled with debris and was safely trimmed out and replaced with 316L Medical Grade Stainless Steel Covered Friction Backing Components.


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