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Swimming with New Ear Piercings. How Long Should I Wait?

Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, CA. faces this not so

challenging question every year as swim season approaches.

How Long Should I Wait Before Swimming with New Ear Piercings?

Ear Piercings takes 6-9 weeks and Cartilage 6-9 months to initially heal and one year or more to completely heal. The initial healing phase should consist of being free from the presence of dead cell wastes and crust or other problematic signs appearing.

Swiiming with a New Ear Piercing
Swiiming with a New Ear Piercing

Baby Ear Piercing tends to side with cosmetic plastic surgeons

and our Standard Ear Piercing Aftercare Protocols for Safety by waiting to successfully reach the initial Ear Piercing Healing times to go swimming in bodies of water like lakes, rivers , streams, ocean, hot tubs and pools without the use of a protective water proof patch over an Ear or Cartilage Piercing. We do adore Sea Salt for the accelerated healing of Ear Piercings, but in a manner that it has been naturally processed and dried without harmful contaminants that may be in living in certain areas or bodies of water.


If you must go swimming with your new piercing during the initial healing period,

you must attempt to totally protect it.

You can use a product called a “Tegaderm Patch.”

It is a water proof patch.

There are no guarantees that this product will keep your piercing 100% dry.

Baby Ear Piercing Guests report these products have good results at keeping

an Ear Piercing dry with use even just 48 hours of a new Ear Piercing.


Coat the piercing with non allergy causing, over the counter cream like

Organic Coconut Oil, Bacitracin or Neosporin that has a non water soluble base

or cover with small cotton or other clean creative material

to prevent the Water Proof Patch from adhering onto the new Ear Piercing.

These cream products can be applied alone, but may offer minimal

or even no protection depending on the situation.

A new patch should be used for each swim session.


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