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Piercing Both Ears at The Same Time

We are not even going to play around with this worst idea ever.

Simultaneously Piercing Both Ears at the Same Time.

Cutting to the Chase:

Ear Piercing Techniques are tailored to meet the safety needs

for all guests obtaining services at Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, CA.

Not all Ear Piercing Techniques Are Ideal For All Guests.

The same goes for,

 Not all Piercers or Studios are a good match for all potential Piercing Customers.

The Ear Piercing Professionals at Baby Ear Piercing are

skilled in classic and modern Piercing Techniques.

Services at Baby Ear Piercing are Aseptic and

All Earrings for Ear Piercing Procedures are Non-Contaminated,

Sterile Processed, Single-Use & Individually Packaged.

All Items for Each & Every Ear Piercing Procedure are New, Disposable & Non-Reusable.

Simultaneously Piercing Both Ears on Infants, Babies, Toddlers & Kids:

In order to find the best Ear Piercing position both the Ear Piercing Professional

and the guest (No matter how tiny or big)

receiving the Ear Piercing Services must be aligned with the Ear Piercing Professional.

Attempting to Pierce both Ears at the same time as one provider is impossible

and adding another person into the area,

is too many people for proper alignment.

 The smaller the guest receiving the Ear piercing Services is,

the more intricate the Ear Piercing Service becomes.

 For alignment, harmony, aesthetics, action, reaction, timing control and consistency,

Ears are never Pierced simultaneously at the same time.

The Ear Piercing Services at Baby Ear Piercing

are so professionally efficient,

that the results of offering Ear Piercing

on both Ears at the same time, simultaneously,

even by Expert Ear Piercing Professionals

would be an incredibly unpredictable service.

Ear Piercing Procedures must be safe for your Child of any age,

Especially if you are holding or offing child assist and for the Ear Piercing Professional too.

 We often find that a guest may request a particular Ear Piercing Techniques

that is not suitable and may be unnecessary

or even un-safe for particular individuals, especially many children.

Occasionally, a parent will request

the most difficult procedure for a child exhibiting

select behavioral issues and this may decipher that

a particular Ear Piercing Technique is not an option.

It is then necessary to decline and exercise other

safer procedures options for service offerings.

It is important to be upfront when we are visibly presented

with a difficult to handle child and or, the combo of a nervous parents.

 It is incredibility rare for a guest to leave with just one Ear Piercing,

out of two intended.

The Ear Piercing Professionals at Baby Ear Piercing

do our part to offer streamlined safer services.

We have coached countless parents to courageously

make it through Ear Piercing Service success

even with select temperamental children.

The Earrings selected usually deciphers

the Ear Piercing Technique for Ear piercing Services

as equally does the guest obtaining the service.

Unless a particular Ear Piercing Technique is specifically requested,

Your Ear Piercing Technique is usually not disclosed

but carefully and professionally chosen by many deciding safety factors. 

As a research and development specialist in the subjects

of Ear Piercing Techniques and Aftercare

for various corporate Ear Piercing and Body Jewelry manufacturers,

Baby Ear Piercing has assisted countless guests by providing reassurance

 within our company by achieving proven successful results stemming from the opportunity of being able to actively participate in vital research and development programs

 for Safe Ear Piercing Services, Re-Opening and Aftercare Procedures and Techniques. These studies weed through the myths, tales and legends.

Please feel free to share any questions, concerns,

experiences or challenges that you may have regarding

the various Ear Piercing Techniques

offered or that you may have received.

I hope you find this small tidbit of information that has

 compiled from years of personal experiences, helpful.

DEH Registered and Licensed Body Art Practitioner, Ear and Nose Piercing Professional.

OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer. Blood-borne Pathogens Safety and Compliance Specialist.

It is in my greatest hopes that Piercers will return to seeking out

or continue with Safe Disruptive Piercing Innovations.

 Stop the spread of copy and paste, tales and stories that contribute to Piercing misinformation.


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