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Explore the Tradition of Indian Ear Piercings: A Cultural Rite of Passage of Light, Beauty, Mystery and Even a Little Pain.

Updated: Apr 4

Gold Earrings
Indian Auspicious Ear Piercing

Greetings, Travel along with me as I share my experiences of being a part of thousands & thousands of Indian guests cultural Ear Piercing services since 1987, known as Auspicious Ear Piercing or Karnavedha. Explore the Traditions of Indian Ear Piercings. A Cultural Rite of Passage of Light, Beauty, Mystery including the Difficulties and even a little Pain associated to wearing the different styles of Traditional Indian Earrings.

About the Author:

DEH LICENSED SAFE BODY ART PRACTITIONER & JEWELER, Angel, the company founder of Baby Ear Piercing is a Licensed Safe Body Art Practitioner that has been Professionally providing Ear Piercing Services while incorporating the use of precious metals and creating hypoallergenic Baby Earrings for sensitive earring wearers for since 1987.

Angel is World traveler, Internationally known trusted by parents, medical practitioners, influencers and celebrities for safe, efficient, baby, toddler, kids and general Ear Piercing Services and Re-Openings.

Angel’s experience of working with superb metal formulations combined with her knowledgeable materials suggestions have led countless guests to find solutions to an end of their troubles with sensitive and problematic Ear Piercings related to Earring compatibility issues.


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