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Park in the parking lot

as close as possible

to the entrance which is located

in the parking lot side near Subway

Please send a text upon your arrival

for your scheduled appointment

or give a wave when you see us

looking for you in your vehicle.

We are usually running on time

and often, early.

(5 minute flex for guests is in effect)


We can conveniently meet you

at or near your vehicle

for your consultation.

(this keeps most children more calm)

Please wait in or near your vehicle,

 (weather permitting)

Please DO NOT Unload Your Children.

Masks are Optional.

Please wear as a courtesy

if you have health concerns.

We are wearing masks.

Please DO NOT approach the studio

or meet us at directly the studio door

and if you do, then please observe

the sign posted at the door.

door sign.jpeg

980 South Winchester Blvd. Unit #30

San Jose, CA 95128

Located in the business complex

at the cross streets of Winchester 

& Williams Road. 

Entrance is in the Parking Lot.

Pictured is the outside for

locating purposes only

and not the actual entrance.

Important Reminders 

About your Arrival to

the Baby Ear Piercing Studio. 


We are Looking Forward

to Seeing You.


To Experience the Most Pleasant

Visit as Possible at the studio,

Please Be Sure to Review

These Helpful Guideline Reminders.


Welcome to  Baby Ear Piercing at:

980 South Winchester Blvd.

Unit #30, San Jose, CA 95128 

Important Reminders.jpeg

You will be invited to enter the studio

after your consultation

& the appropriate safety

precautionaries have been implemented.

This private studio is set up

to accommodate 2 parents

of 1 minor child

who is obtaining a service

or 2 adults obtaining a service. 


For Safety Reasons,

We Cannot Accept

Additional Guests into the Studio

besides the listed capacity of two adults

and one minor child per service

or two adults per service.

Please be sure to actually read the latest environmental health and safety guideline mandates that you have already agreed to

when this appointment was

originally scheduled

so there are no unpleasant surprises.

With our expert guidance,

we want you to experience a smooth, streamlined, professional experience

during your service visit today.

Your cooperation is really appreciated

and needed to meet these standards.

Please do not attempt to modify

or change our service program protocols

or ask for exceptions.

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