Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991
Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991
Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991

at Paisley Haus since 1991

This Informational Site Contains Answers to Most of Your Pre-Consultation Questions

*Please Call for Current Ear Piercing Services Package Price*
Preview the Earring Selection before you arrive for your appointment.
 *Online Earring Studio Prices Do Not Reflect Service Package Price.


Created in 1991

 Paisley Haus is a private, quaint, moderately paced creative studio setting offering one on one

Personalized Services for ALL AGES of Guests on an Appointment Only basis.

                         Accepting Appointments: Tuesday-Sunday, Closed on Monday
                                                                  Located at:

950 S. Winchester Blvd. San Jose Ca. 95128

on the Historical Winchester Boulevard

                                      near Santana Row at the cusps edge of a residential strip.


The Paisley Haus is a Registered Facility and Up to Date to Comply with

All 2014 Local and State Safe Body Art Regulations.

Your baby can have their Ears Pierced after their second set of vaccinations,
which is usually from 2 months old and up.

Minors Under the Age of 18, Must be Accompanied by Their Legal Parent for Piercing Services.

Holes in your Ears Been Closed for Years?

 Don’t Re-Pierce, Have it Re-opened. San Jose, CA

sterile jewelry selection

Sterile Jewelry

The Jewelry used for each service is:




All items used for each service are ALWAYS New and Single Use.

You will be alerted when the
Sterile Packaging
is being broken
During your Service Procedure
For Quality Control and your Safety
 All items are Lot Numbered,
Certified Sterile
 and Documentation is retained.
These Safety measures are a part
of the Paisley Haus Difference.

14kt White gold earrings, nickel free.

Jewelry Styles

   A variety of Quality Jewelry

 is available for your selection.

Choices include Hoops,

  Traditional Ball Studs, Shapes,

Bezel Crystal Glass Gem Post Studs,

Prong Set Gemstone
 and Diamond Styles
 All Post Style Jewelry used for Ear Piercing Services are smooth and
 a minimum of 20 Gauge in thickness.
  Notch Clasp Backing Closures
 are Standard for
 Earring Post Stud Styles.
These Back Closures lay
flush with the point so
the tip is not exposed.
Additional Backing Closures Styles
are available upon request.

Jewelry Metals

All Metals used for Ear Piercing Jewelry
at Paisley Haus/Baby Ear are Allergy-Free, Lead-Free, Hypo-Allergenic, 
Nickel Safe and meet or exceed

EC/FDA Standards and Regulations.
Choices Include: Medical Grade
316L Stainless Steel,
Commercially Pure Titanium,

ASTM-TI 6AL-4 ELI Titanium,
      14kt. White or Yellow Gold,
18kt. White or Yellow Gold, and Palladium.
 For strength,
Notch Clasp Backing Closures may be composed of one or more of the
materials listed above or

24 kt. Gold Plate or Palladium Plate.

 Paisley Haus statistics have proved

that all Jewelry Materials

used for Ear Piercing Services

remain at having a

high healing success rate.

Titanium works well for individuals
with known metal sensitivities.