Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991 at
Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991 at
Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991 at , San Jose , Ca. , San Jose , Ca.

                                                                     Since 1987

Purchases and Service Policies

                                   ALL PURCHASES and SERVICES are FINAL.


There are No Exchanges, Returns, Refunds or Guarantees on Piercing Services,

Procedures and Jewelry Purchases including the Breakage or Loss of any Jewelry in part or whole.

All Jewelry Purchases, Piercing Services and Procedures are final.

All jewelry purchases and other items for purchase or comped are new and may be non-sterile or aseptically packaged. at Paisley Haus will be delighted to assist you with your purchase related and

or piercing service questions during your scheduled appointment or by telephone, text or on FaceTime.

Please note that Purchases and Complimentary Aftercare Packages

may contain small parts or products unsuitable for small children.

These products could pose choking hazards, gastric issues or other complications.

Keep any and all products out of reach of children.

The Jewelry selected for services at is found to be secure and

usually does not disengage on its own unless it has suffered damages.

Physical Actions and elements affecting the jewelry such as unexpected force,

element, chemical, cosmetic exposure and gradual physical wear which can

have possible effects on the durability, performance, aesthetic appeal and longevity of any jewelry.

Check jewelry regularly for security and always *replace the backs after any unexpected disengagement occurs or as often as needed, especially when jewelry exhibits signs of wear, weakness, or misshape.

 As a result, jewelry repair services are needed for Diamonds and Gemstones that may have become loose in a setting.

 *The Ear Piercing Jewelry selected for services is found to be very durable, though, it is not indestructible.

 Due to certain individual skin types or sensitivities these particular piercing techniques,

metals, alloys, jewelry styles and care products sold, offered or used

during services may not be the right choice or work for everyone.

If you experience redness, swelling, irritation or other irregular conditions that are related to your piercing,

discontinue use of product, remove or change the jewelry and seek

the advice of a qualified physician if conditions worsen or persist.

If you believe you may be suffering from a life threatening situation related to your piercing,

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency services facility.


Chicken Out Policy/ Appointment Reservation Remorse/ Cooling Off Period

While Angel, DEH Registered Body Art Practitioner is very patient. From time to time,

 a few older children (2 to 13 years) will sit in the chair and then decide 

they are not ready for Ear Piercing Services. generally offers Ear Piercing as a complete service package.

Please expect to pay a basic cancellation fee of 40% of the complete service value if refusal of any service procedure has been decided by the parent, guest, client or by those acting as the deciding factor

at the time or during the consultation and or set up.

Please expect to pay the full service package value, once the sterile packaging has been broken with the intention of use for that client.

 All of the above apply with a maximum of 30 minutes allowed for the completion of any service procedure.

     If you believe this may be a likely issue for your child,

Please consult with your Babies’ DEH Resisted Body Art Practitioner 

prior to the Ear Piercing Set–up for more details in regards to this situation.



You must call within 48 hours,

If you would like to change the positioning of your new piercing. Occasionally the planned placement of a piercing may not look aesthetically pleasing to either you, your practitioner, or by a mutual decision.

Allowing your Registered Safe Body Art Practitioner to immediately adjust the placement can usually be the solution to this situation. Re-positioning a piercing is usually quick and most likely will not leave any evidence

that a re-positioning has taken place. While there are techniques that can be used to obtain the desired final piercing placement positioning during a piercing service, other additional actions can be included in your aftercare to achieve/maintain that positing.

The Immediate or future outcome of the pierced position placement/ending result may differ than expected.

Please acknowledge that due to certain body, ear, front & back of ear shapes, previous piercing placements,

Anatomy structure and even with a lifestyle it can sometimes be difficult or even impossible to position

a piercing in such a manner that it remains through time, in that exact location desired. 

Angel, a DEH Registered Body Art Practitioner, strives to make clear, conscious piercing placement positioning decisions.

Her Goal is to obtain the immediate desired Placement /positioning of your piercing.