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"Exploring the Intersection of Human Creativity and Artificial Intelligence: Is AI the Next Evolution of Language?" Keeping Up with AI.

Updated: Apr 3

Real Photo of Me. Not AI Generated.
Real Photo of Me. Not AI Generated.

Keeping up with AI.

While your creative human self writes one thing, AI can turn it into something completely different as to where what it writes may actually sound amazing, with the absolute ability that cancels out the real, the truth. This makes me think it’s a robot language for robots.🤖

Here's an example of the last paragraph put through the AI generator.

"Can AI Writing Outshine Human Creativity? Exploring the Power of Robotic Language in Content Creation.

At Baby Ear Piercing we are keeping AI mostly out of our business when it comes to business service, procedure, safety protocols, company visions and ethic descriptions. It is of no benefit to anyone if descriptions don’t match the overall performance

of being in complete alignment with our actual Professional Business actions and procedures.

Example^ Why We Prioritize Human Expertise Over AI in Our Baby Ear Piercing Business.^

I did see the most enticing AI ad yet.

It said it could mimic my creative style and get to know how I talk and type. Now this interests me as someone with artistically yet autistically flawed language and writing skills. I have to wonder if that program would fix these imperfections or simply translate them into even odder writings of an individual?

Lets pretend that If I were to choose AI to recreate and translate an entire existing business model into an AI language generated business model, it seems that I'd have to learn the new AI language so that the new business language and actions could up hold the new model. This strange scripted language of AI all at the press of a button. 

Will actual business services and practices be able to keep up with the perfect descriptions and elaborations of AI?

Only time will tell.

Though I am already noticing ads from body jewelry manufactures with elaborate language AI generated advertising. I am pretty certain that the language used to describe the sell these products to the user is not the same language used down at the local body piercing studio to verbally describe your sparkly piece your about to choose. With radiant elegance you can call all your own, take a piece of time from the Earths inner bowels that was decades in the making.....

We will continue to strive for perfection without AI at Baby Ear Piercing in San Jose, CA.


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