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Studio Environmental Draft Covid-19, 9th Edition.

Studio Control for Services 2020:

In order to offer safer services,

Do not schedule a service appointment if you or someone

you have been in contact with has been exposed to Covid-19

in the last 3 months or continues to

have questionable ongoing symptoms.

Do not schedule a service appointment or enter the studio

if you or the person you are accompanying for services

has a running nose, cough, soar throat, fever, abnormal temperature, blisters, diarrhea, vomiting

or other questionable symptoms of various illnesses.


Your cooperation, understanding and patience’s are extremely important and appreciated.


Please be sure to read and understand all environmental controls

which are strictly enforced during service appointments.

*Do not approach the studio, touch, ring the door bell or open the studio door.

*Please wait in vehicle (Weather Permitting) until you are signaled

that you may enter the studio facility for services.

*Keep clear from studio entrance and at least 6ft. and preferably more 

from all other guests entering or exiting the studio.

*The studio procedure area has currently been downsized.

Angel, a DEH Registered Body Art Practitioner,

OSHA General Industry Outreach Training Provider

and Blood Borne Pathogens Safety Compliant Specialist

       will greet you with wearing Full PPE (personal protective equipment)

Which may include: SEVERAL face masks & shield or goggles, protective suit,

 new single-use gloves, sleeve guards and an apron.

Safer In Studio Environmental Controls Upgrades for 2020: 

  Air Purification. 3 Stand Alone Units, H13 Filtration

Merv 14 Hvac Filter

Barriers applied onto applicable shared touch common areas.

Elimination of shared common touch situations.

EPA Disinfectant with a 30 sec to 1 min. kill time applied to shared common touch or

surface areas including after single-use barrier removal.

Frequently Sanitize floor with EPA Disinfectant with a 30 sec to 1 min. kill time.

Temperature and Hand Sanitizing Stations.

General area UVC disinfecting lights.

ALL guests must agree to having their temperature reading by way of digital thermometer.

Please sanitize hands before entering and leaving the studio.

You are entering a privately controlled environment not open to the public.

*Only one adult guest is allowed in the studio per service appointment.

*A Minor, Infant, Baby or Toddler obtaining services shall be accompanied by one parent only

Please Do Not Ask for Exceptions to These Mandates.

Please No Visitors, No Walk In's.

*All guests over 2 years of age must wear some type of facial mask covering that is safe,

does not restrict breathing and have does not have exposed valves.

*Avoid touching your face, nose and mouth.

* Avoid touching the front of face covering or masks. Make adjustments by the straps.

*Please refrain from touching or wiping Face, Eyes, Mouth, Nose.

*Please arrive to the studio wearing simple, clean, freshly laundered clothing.

*Please avoid unnecessary talking.

*No touching or handling of any unprotected items or surfaces in the studio.

*Do not touch, tap, lean on walls, counters, partitions or pick up items in studio.

*No eating, feeding or drinks inside of the studio.

*You must exit the studio immediately to cough, sneeze, vomit or handle all diaper blowouts.

*No Video or Photography in studio or service areas.

*Please do not bring excessive bags, toys and other items into the studio.

*Keep your phone stored away or in pocket during your studio visit.

*Do not pick up anything dropped onto floor.

*Please exit the studio immediately after finalizing service details.

*All Aftercare consultations will be delivered by one select method which may be text, phone 

 or a select internet media platform.

My Goal is to deliver a safer and efficient service.

The level and intent of the PPE being worn during services is, Nothing In and Nothing Out.

*This 9th edition Draft Written by Angel DEH Licensed Body Art Practitioner,

OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer. Updates can be expected.