Studio Real Time Studio Real Time Finally, Welcome Millinials 205438202 Daith Cartilage Ear Piercing Made on site. Fitted Heart Daith Ear Jewelry 192244999 World Famous Triple Forward Helix 192244996 Triple 192244998 Double to go 192245000 Classic Captive Rings Made on site. 192245004 201734555 Triple Forward Helix 192245002 Surface Piercing 192245003 Pallaium Dots Made on site. Micro dots made to delicately fill in holes. 192245005 Spiral around Made on site to fit. 192245006 Ear Catilage Conch 201481866 Daith Captive Bead Ring Ear cartilage 201481874 205438203 Back Angle How will it fit? How will it sit? 192245001 Helix 201721808