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From Ear Piercing to Body Piercing and Back

Posted on September 26, 2017 at 10:00 PM

Articles that I have read in the past linger and are ongoing and immflamatory.

Body Piercers speaking out about Youth Ear Piercing usually isnt Pleasent. Mostly for the facts of hearsay. let's just get it straight. If one agrees to do piercing on infants toddlers small children and youth then the proper jewelry must be used. Ear Piercing Jewelry/ Ear Piercing studs.First off the length is perfect for this size of human. Next the backing can be removed if issues ariseand this can be a beautiful feature. To keep this brief the materials, metals used are quite superior and meet or exceed FDA regulations. As with body jewelry, ear piercing jewelry comes in several grades and it's up to the piercer to offer such qualities and features. To install body jewelry on an infant or toddler would be a hazard for the fact  that it could get caught  and this could pose a tearing hazard rather than jewelry designed that when it's exposed to such would merely disengage.

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