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Irritations Verse Infections

Posted on June 17, 2016 at 12:30 AM

The site of an  Infection is rare. I hope to give our guest enough information to prevent such before it happens . In fact I am postivite I do. Something are unaviodable I understand. I opt to help a returning guest though I DID NOT DO THEIR PIERCING. They had it done at another local shop and returned to that shop and reached out to me for a third helping hand in their matter. It was huge, hot, filled and painful. They later that evening had a very necessary doctors appointment. I removed the bar and in this raresick case put a sterile Titanium hoop in place. The ear expolded and the stentch was memorable. I almost never see infections and certainly don't create them. I took on the case because I never want to forget what an infectiion looks like. I also want to connect with it, to see if  a fast remeby may offer some relief until the guest can be further be assisted by their physicain. I make it a habit to correct anyone that calls an aggreiveated ear, an infection unless it  displaying the true symtoms of such or has been called such by a doctor.

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