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Under the Radar of the Review.

Posted on June 1, 2016 at 12:40 AM

  Still an odd concept to me, but a very real one. To some, it is all that matters and it maybe doesn't even matter who the author is and what their credibility or their credentials are. So what am I talking about? The power of the review. I am just one person constantly striving and searching to make my business the absolute best. This is even before the review existed. I started hearing about the review around 2007. In 2010 it really started manifesting into my business.  I had a young apprentice whom I adored, and when we talked business he always mentioned how impressive the reviews were. Reviews I didn't even know existed. Reviews I had never even read. I didn't even know I was being reviewed.Then more and more I kept hearing about my reviews. Sometimes when a review wasn't so great I would have guests who seem to be driven by my inspiration and entusiasm, they were like my review posse, letting me know if there was a not so perfect review. My posse was not only loyal but quite harsh with foul language and so forth about not so perfect reviews. Sometimes I would have to paint a clear picture and actually defend the not so perfect reviewer. So after being acquainted very well with such happenings I had to turn my business into a performance platform. he no longer was self-employed I became yelped employed. I no longer could be the silly me that I used to be, for fear that it could possibly used against me in some possible way. Maybe somebody wouldn't think a joke is funny or that it presented its self as unprofessional or poor bedside manner. Body piercing was no longer the regular body piercing that we came into the business with. I mean if you were heavily pierced, you might read about yourself on a review with points against you for having so many piercings and not being totally friendly and perfect. sheesh. Thank goodness Im not a star in people. I don't like being under the radar of the review. I don't think it's fair that anyone can review me whether they've come into my business or just written a review from reading other reviews. That is just absolutely ridiculous to me. My famous line is don't be a coward hiding behind a computer. Basically if I have done something unsatisfactory to a guest, I will do my very best to make it right. if you did that for me I think it would be very foul after talking face to face to you and knowingly that you wholeheartedly try to make it right but then I felt still that because it was not right from the get go that I should still be compelled to write to the world my experience. It's kind of like backbiting. Like I said, I'd go out of my way to get you what you need and as instructed, I've given every guest enough info for complete avoidence of piercing panics or emegencies always with an option to Take it out and reopen it  later .

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