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Reopening an Ear or Cartilage Piercing

Reopening an Ear Piercing

Your Ear Piercings can be Saved

Ears previously pierced, but now seemed closed?

Did your Jewelry loss occurred soon after

an initial piercing and you never put it back in?

Did you try to change your piercing too soon 

and could not reinsert the jewelry?

Did you take out your jewelry for work or for some other

type of opinionated person and never put it back in?

Did you have trouble wearing jewelry?

                            Call or text for additional details.

You can wear your Jewelry Again. Even If you haven’t worn Jewelry in your Ears for Years.

Chances are, Your piercing can be safely reopened. Call Today for Your Reopening Service.

Loss of Jewelry/ My Earring Came Out.

Repiercing Ear


Your piercing will not be completely healed for several years.

Even after the piercing is healed,

it is very possible that if you remove the jewelry,
 especially over night or even for a short period of time,

reinsertion can be very difficult and sometimes even impossible.

If your Jewelry Comes Out, wash it and inspect for damages,

then Replace or Reinstall the jewelry as soon as possible.

If Only an Earring Backing has been lost and you do not have an extra:

A brand new piece of eraser works well as a very temporary backing 

as long as the wearer does not have latex allergies and it does not present a choking hazard to anyone.

Extra Earring Backings are available through mail order in the Online Earring Studio

and are usually available on site and during off hours. Text Anytime for Details.

  Jewelry should not be changed during the initial healing period,

unless an issue regarding the progress of the piercing is present.

For Ear Lobes, you must wear the original jewelry for 6-8+ weeks.
 For most other Ear Piercings or Cartilage wait 6-9+ months

before changing your jewelry style for fun or fashion.

Jewelry Durability: The Jewelry used at Paisley Haus/

is found to be secure and usually does not disengage on its own.

Physical actions and elements affecting the jewelry

such as unexpected force, element, chemical, cosmetic exposure

and gradual physical wear can have possible effects on the durability,

performance, aesthetic appeal and longevity of any jewelry.

Check jewelry regularly for security and always replace the backs

after any unexpected removal occurs or as often as needed,

especially when jewelry exhibits signs of wear, weakness, or misshape.

As a result, Diamonds and Gemstones that may have become loose

in a setting should be taken for repair by a professional jeweler.

The Ear Piercing Jewelry used for services is found to be very durable,

 though, it is not indestructible.