Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991 at
Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991 at
Bay Area Baby Piercing since 1991 at , San Jose , Ca. , San Jose , Ca.

at Paisley Haus since 1991

Meet the Piercer at
Professional Ear Piercing since 1987

Meet the piercer, Professional Ear Piercing since 1987.

ANGEL, a DEH Registered Body Art Practitioner

will be performing the Aseptic Ear Piercing Services

on that someone special that you have accompanied.

DEH Piercer Angel, has a Long Standing Global Reputation of Quality,

Excellence and Service that you can Trust. Her practice strictly adheres to all and beyond required Local & State Health and Safety Regulations.

Angel has been Professionally Piercing here in the South Bay since 1987.

Angel is truly a hands on pioneer in both Classic & Modern Ear Piercing and Ear Piercing Related Body Piercing Techniques and Research.

She is known and trusted by Parents, Celebrities, Medical Practitioners and Professionals for Safe & Extremely Efficient Aseptic Baby Ear Piercing Services and Re Openings with New, Sterile Jewelry.

Angels experience and knowledgeable suggestions have led

             many in finding the solution to ending their trouble with Sensitive & Problematic Piercings.

Angel started Piercing Days Old Newborn Infants from the start of her piercing adventures.

As Body Piercing grew more and more popular,

so did the demand for the Safe Piercing Services that Angel has always offered.

  Over the Decades as Angels reputation grew globally

and as her Piercing Fans started families of their own, 

Angels Ear Piercing Services grew into a Standard Family Tradition for the latest, newest Little Editions. San Jose, CA